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AUGUST 10-11, 2023


PILMMA is proud to introduce our new AI workshop that is aimed to teach and empower lawyers to transform their firm and become innovators in the legal industry.

Give us 2 days in Charlotte, NC and we are going to teach you:

How to use AI to create a podcast and talk overs in your sleep

How to use AI to create Google Posts

Leverage AI to write Demand Letters

Learn to create your own talking Avatar


Workshop Registration

Seats limited to the first 25 firms to register

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Non-Mastermind Members

4 Attendees Registration: $9997

2 Attendees Registration: $5497

1 Attendee Registration: $2997

AI Workshop Agenda

DAY 1: How Your Firm Can Make the Most of Today’s AI Tools in Its Marketing

SESSION 1 (30 MINS): Understanding the Strengths & Weaknesses of AI
SESSION 2 (30 MINS): Leveraging Chat GTP for Unique Content Creation for Your Marketing
SESSION 3 (30 mins): SEO + AI: The One Prompt to Rule Them All
SESSION 4 (45 mins): Chat GPT Workshop: Let’s Use The One Prompt to Rule Them All to Unlock Solid Content
SESSION 5 (30 mins): Let’s Generate Endless Unique Images for Dynamic Content & Marketing
SESSION 6 (30 mins): AI Image Workshop: Let’s Create Endless 100% Unique Images for Your Content & Marketing
SESSION 7 (30 mins): How to Create a Podcast + Pro Voice Overs in Your Sleep
SESSION 8 (45 mins): Audio AI Workshop: Let’s Make a Podcast Series
SESSION 9 (15 mins): Instant Video Creation with ChatGTP + Pictory
SESSION 10 (15 mins): Workshop: Instant Video Creation Using Pictory
SESSION 11 (30 mins): Harness AI to Craft Captivating Long-Form Videos
SESSION 12 (60 mins): Craft a Captivating Long-Form Video and Unleash Its Social Media Potential Workshop


Day 2: Managing Cases and Workflow with AI

SESSION 1 (30 MINS): Office Hours
SESSION 2 (20 mins): How to Create and Leverage Your Own Avatar
SESSION 3 (40 mins): Leveraging AI For Your Staff, Intake & Case Investigation
SESSION 4 (30 mins): Instantly Index Your Docs/Articles & Feed Them to Your Team & Client
SESSION 5 (45 mins):  Custom Bot For Your Docs Workshop
SESSION 6 (30 mins): Medical Chronology & Demands: Case Scribe
SESSION 7 (30 mins): Intake and Communications
SESSION 8 (30 mins): Litigation Support, Discovery, and Deposition Prep
SESSION 9 (30 mins): Automation For Today’s Busy Human
SESSION 10 (45 mins): Automation For Today’s Busy Human Workshop
SESSION 11 (30 mins): to wrap up the conference
Roundtable Q&A + Open Workshop Hour
Charlotte NC



The workshop will be hosted at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte/Ayrsley, August 10th & 11th, 2023.

Group Name: PILMMA – AI Workshop

You can make your reservations by: 
Calling the hotel – 704-970-5400


**The Room Block expires July 18, 2023

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