When I decided to launch this weight loss journey, I knew it was going to be tough. It is very simple to say “I need to lose weight”, but an entirely different ball game to actually do so. My idea to partner with Save The Children added fuel to the burning desire I have to shed these pounds. Your pledges have motivated me more than you know. It’s inspiring to know that I have your support and we are all doing something to help children in need all over the world.

So far, thanks to your pledges, each pound I lose is worth more than $100! I’m pleased to announce that in the past two weeks I have lost 15 pounds! This means that to date, at least $1500 will be given to Save The Children!

So you may ask, how am I losing weight or what is my plan? Well, I’ve definitely had to change some of my eating habits. For example, I’ve started snacking on fruit such as apples instead of grabbing junk food. When and if I drink soda, I now drink Coke Zero instead of regular Coke. These two simple changes have helped a lot. I’m not about to say that these past two weeks have been easy by any means, but they have been worth it and I’m motivated to keep going, lose this weight and reach my fundraising goal of $30,000 by October 15th for Save The Children.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to make a pledge and join me in supporting this great charity while challenging me to stay on track! Whether you pledge because you simply don’t think I can do it or because you want to help Save the Children is up to you and I appreciate your support either way. Be sure to check out my weigh-in video for this week. I’ll be checking in with you all in the next week or so to update you on my progress. Thanks again for your support!

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