Do You Know Who the Most Successful Referral Marketer of All Time Is?

His name is Joe Girard.

Joe was so successful at generating sales through referrals that he was named by the Guinness Book of the World.

Records as the #1 salesperson in the world.

He won this distinguished title 12 years in a row!

Who was Joe Girard?

Joe was a simple car sales person in Detroit.

Joe would single handedly sell 6-7 cars on any given day!

That’s is a staggering amount of sales.

And the most amazing part is that nearly all of Joe’s sales came by way of referrals.

What was Joe’s Secret?

Joe had created a system of staying in touch with all his past customers and people that knew him.

Joes secret was his uncanny ability to stay in touch with all the people that knew him.

Joe had relationships with thousands of people who he communicated with on a regular basis.

Staying in touch with people is how you create trusting relationships and relationships are what bring referrals.

It makes sense!

But What was Joe’s System for Staying in Touch?

Joe discovered early in his career that he could not possibly “physically” contact a lot of people on a regular basis, so he thought, the next best thing would be to send them greeting cards.

So Joe started to send greeting cards on a regular basis to all the people that knew him.

It worked!

The more cards he sent, the more referrals he received so he began to send more and more cards to people.

His cards contained heartfelt messages that were personal and handwritten.

He discovered that the secret key to getting all the referrals you can handle is to send heartfelt greeting cards on a regular basis to your network of people that know you.

Heartfelt greeting cards have a magical effect on people. They leave a lasting impression that’s not soon forgotten.

In fact, I believe that sending greeting cards is more powerful than calling a person or meeting with them.

Cards have staying power!

People keep them and your card becomes a reminder of how much you appreciate them.

So Why Aren’t You Send Cards on a Regular Basis?