Don’t Follow The Herd - Be More Helpful And Stand Out In Your Market

As I was scanning LinkedIn this morning, I noticed that a number of lawyers are sharing links to online news stories about the Honda Odyssey recall. Models of Honda’s minivan from 2005-2010 have a fault with the fuel pump that could cause them to catch fire. Thankfully there have been no fires or injuries reported.

According to Autoblog, Honda doesn’t have enough replacement fuel pumps and is writing a letter to Odyssey owners, explaining the recall. If your family car were a Honda Odyssey, you’d probably want to find out more information before Honda’s letter arrived.

So at first, you may think that the lawyers linking to news articles about the Honda recall are doing some smart marketing. They may think they’re providing helpful information to potential or previous clients and therefore making themselves stand out from other law firms that aren’t talking about the recall.

All Look The Same

However, from my perspective, all these law firms look the same. Not one of them has provided information on what to do if your vehicle is recalled by the manufacturer. Better still, they could have done a little research by talking with their local Honda dealer and then writing an article called “What To Do If Your Honda Odyssey Has Been Recalled.”

I know that I could call the local Honda dealership here in Myrtle Beach and in just a couple of minutes I would be given all the information that Honda Odyssey drivers would want to know. To find out this information for themselves they would have to either wait for Honda’s letter to arrive or call the Honda dealership.

Helpful Community Resource

I could then take the time to share with readers, in plain English, what I learned from the dealership. I could explain the possible issues such as what repairs are involved, replacement part availability, how long the vehicle will be kept by the dealership, what the risks are of ignoring the recall and so on. My law firm would truly be providing helpful information and also earn respect as a valuable community resource.

Copying what everyone else does may be easy but it doesn’t help you stand out in a crowded market. Rather than thinking about what’s the easiest for you to do, consider instead what would be the most beneficial to your ideal client that none of your competitors would be prepared to do. Then go do that!

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