Learning Never Ends

Perhaps, like my children (and me, who no longer has to pick up their tuition fees), you’re glad that you left school behind you and no longer have homework assignments. However, as a lawyer building a successful law practice, ongoing learning is a necessity.

While CLEs check that you’re keeping up to date on the law, the skills that enable you to grow a sustainably profitable law practice aren’t taught at law school and aren’t checked with CLEs.

Members of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA), of which I am President, have similar stories to my own experience and probably to yours too.

“What did they teach me at law school about marketing and running a law practice? Would you believe, absolutely nothing?” says PILMMA member Scott Monge from Atlanta, GA.

“I didn’t learn how to practice law. There was no hope!” says PILMMA member George Sink from Charleston, SC.

The Hard Way

Until they discovered the resources that PILMMA provides, our members had to figure this out for themselves. Like me, they had to learn the hard way how to get cases and handle cases. Now they know they have a trusted resource to turn to for guidance on how to market and manage their law practices.

Just like they spend time on continuing education on the law, so that they can effectively represent clients, PILMMA members also dedicate time to ongoing education to help them sustainably grow their law practices.

PILMMA members have no regrets about joining or attending our events. “Before I joined PILMMA it felt like I had a crappy, stressful job,” says Frank Jenkins from Lexington, KY. “Now I will never leave.”

Even members who thought they knew what they were doing on their own, have credited the knowledge they’ve gained from PILMMA as the reason for their increased success. That’s because no matter how much you think you’re on top of the latest developments, whether in law, marketing or the Internet, you can never know it all. Your focus has to be on running your law practice, so unless you have a resource that is dedicated to keeping you in the loop, you’re going to be left behind.

The Easy Way

PILMMA members invest in their ongoing learning to help them better market and manage their law practices. They’re growing their caseload while working less hours. Our members are confident that their employees can manage everything, enabling them to enjoy spending more time with their families. They’re living their dreams and leaving their competition in their dust. In short, PILMMA members are walking proof of the benefits of continuing education and treating their law practices as businesses.

Kick-Start Your Own Success

Other lawyers hear about the success of our members and understandably want to achieve the same results. Perhaps you also want some of that action? The best introduction to our success secrets is by attending the PILMMA Super Summit to kick-start your own process of continual learning. For 3 days in Chicago this July, lawyers from across the country, along with experts in legal marketing and management, will come together at the PILMMA Super Summit to share the latest strategies and tactics for growing a successful law practice.

First time attendees at previous Summits have been blown away by their shift in thinking as they’ve soaked up the information presented. They’ve had the chance to network with other lawyers who are putting these strategies and tactics into practice. They can see for themselves how the investment in ongoing learning by other lawyers, not just about the law but also about marketing and management, has paid dividends for them. They get to share ideas with lawyers who spend some of their time developing the expertise to run their law firms as businesses. And the enthusiasm for success is infectious. Attendees go home with a massive natural high!

Until they attended their first PILMMA Summit, these lawyers had no idea that there was a different – and better – way of doing things. As an introduction to ongoing education, not on the law but for business, attending the PILMMA Super Summit kick-starts the transformation process for lawyers who want to reach new heights.


Today you have the opportunity to kick-start your own transformation process. The final early registration discount for the 2014 PILMMA Super Summit in Chicago ends tonight at midnight. This is your last chance to save $300.

The point I want to make though is that it’s not about the price. The PILMMA Super Summit is your opportunity to learn a better way of doing things. It’s the quickest, most massive download of information you’ll ever get that will change your life forever.

The return on investment from attending the summit makes the registration fee look like peanuts in any case. “Our practice has increased tenfold in size since joining PILMMA,” says Scott Monge. “We have made a return on our investment many times over. There is no amount of money that you could pay me to give up my PILMMA membership because it’s priceless.”

Risk Free


You can achieve the same success with your practice by taking a single step today and registering for the 2014 PILMMA Super Summit. Our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee means there’s zero risk to you. If we haven’t impressed you by the end of the PILMMA Super Summit, I’ll personally refund your registration fee and up to $500 in documented travel expenses. The risk is all mine. (Incidentally, I have never been asked for a refund under the Ironclad Guarantee at any of our Summits.)

Take that single step today to transform your law practice and save $300. Consider it a reward for making the decision today to build the practice of your dreams.

Don’t forget, the last early registration discount ends at midnight tonight. Click here to register.

You can hear from several PILMMA members explain the difference their ongoing learning has made to their practices in this video:

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