Super Bowl Sunday approaches and everybody is talking about the same thing… deflated footballs.

I was looking forward to sitting down to a great afternoon of football – a chance to switch off and relax after working all the way through last weekend.

Instead, I’m just aggravated by all the news. I’ve had my fill of it. Whether you’re a big football fan, or just married to someone who is, then like me, you probably just wish they’d shut up about the balls, get their house in order and get ready for some football!

Here’s the deal. It’s the football game of the year. We want some serious football action on Sunday. All this talk about balls – wet balls, flat balls, tampered balls, slippery balls, Bill Belichick’s balls – is all a big distraction.

Bring on the game!

Robert Kraft Won’t Be Distracted

Robert A. Kraft

Robert A. Kraft

Earlier today I spoke to my good friend, Robert A. Kraft, whose law offices are in Dallas, Texas. “You’re right Ken,” said Bob, “This is all one big distraction.”

Deflategate has brought Bob his fair share of attention in recent days, but he’s keeping his focus on running his law firm. “If I let myself or my firm get distracted every time something trivial happened, I’d be out of business, Ken,” he told me. “Just like the other Robert Kraft should be doing, I’m sticking to my gameplan. I know what we need to be doing and it’s my job to make sure we stick to it.”

Bob and I are in agreement about the game and our law practices. We don’t think the plan for the buildup to the Super Bowl included all this distraction from the game itself. The players should be focusing their thoughts and energy on how they are going to win the game (fair and square), not hearing every celebrity on late night television weigh in on the matter.

You wouldn’t let a huge scandal fester if it involved your own business. You’d want to nip it in the bud as soon as possible and get back to your gameplan.

I know a fair few lawyers who are football fans and my advice to them is to think about their law practice like the game on Sunday. Do you want distractions? Or do you want to follow the gameplan?

After all this Deflategate distraction, there is a game of football to be played.

There are many things that can distract a law firm owner, from concerns about a loved-one’s health to the personal issues of a staff member, or cash flow challenges to a dip in opening new cases.

No matter what the challenge, whatever the distraction, you have to stick to your gameplan. Everyone working in your business depends on you to lead the way.

We all have our moments when we allow ourselves to get distracted. Sometimes we need to distract ourselves by watching a good game of football, to get away from business for a while. But then you have to remind yourself that there’s still a whole team out there on the football field, waiting for you to lead them to victory.

Now lets play some football!