I remember a few years ago when everyone started to take LinkedIn more seriously and I realized that I needed to as well. However, like most things involving technology, I had no clue where to start.

Like many others, I had set up a basic profile that contained little information and I had few contacts.

‘What exactly can you do with LinkedIn?’ I asked myself.

I asked someone with some experience to give me a quick guided tour of what people were doing on LinkedIn. After looking at my lackluster profile, he said “Do you want to know how to go from zero to hero on LinkedIn in 90 days?”

“Sure,” I replied, expecting him to pitch me something.

“Spend 15 minutes a day on it. That’s all.”

“What am I supposed to do in 15 minutes?” I asked him.

“Add contacts, update and expand your profile page, post some content, get involved in a discussion group. Just make sure you spend 15 minutes a day doing something on there. I guarantee that in 90 days you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.”

He was right. Within 90 days I had over 500 contacts, my profile was deemed to be “All-Star” status and I was interacting with other users and growing my network.

But am I an expert? Do I know everything about LinkedIn? Hell no! I may be able to answer some of your questions and defer the rest to someone else who knows more than I do.

I’m not an expert on Social Media by any means, however I have enough knowledge to do what I need to do. That doesn’t mean that I take care of my law firm’s social media – I let the experts do that for me, but I still understand the overall picture of what it is they’re doing and can appreciate the fine detail when I need to. And I still spend time personally on LinkedIn.

It all started with that 15 minutes a day.

If you spend 15 minutes a day focusing on one thing, you’ll build up an understanding and experience with that one thing. Do it for long enough and you become an expert.

The one thing could be anything that can help your law firm, whether it’s writing content for your website, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, your social media, emails to your clients, getting online reviews or your monthly newsletter. Or it could be using the reports in your case management system, listening to recordings of client intake calls or looking at ways to reduce costs.

My point is that if there’s something you want to start doing – or improve – in your law firm, it won’t happen without it being afforded some time and attention. An easy way to start building up an understanding of the issue and a momentum in dealing with it is to dedicate 15 minutes every day to it.

So draw up a list of objectives for your law firm that you haven’t gotten around to, and pick just one item on the list. Select the one thing that could have the biggest impact on your law firm if it was implemented.

Then be sure to block out 15 minutes every day to spend on that one thing and stick to the schedule. In 90 days, you’ll know exactly how to have that “one thing” licked.