I’ve written before about the importance of tracking and improving how you convert leads into clients.

Well, earlier this month I spoke to one PILMMA member who has achieved phenomenal results by refusing to be complacent.

This member told me that without spending a single extra cent on marketing, he managed to open four times as many cases in January 2015 as he did in January 2014.

He’s been a member of PILMMA for several years and already knows his stuff, with the appropriate processes and procedures in place for his law firm. This January, he chose to do one thing differently. After checking his figures for 2014, he decided to closely follow the progress of each and every single lead that came into his law firm. He refused to miss a single trick to ensure a comprehensive follow-up with each lead.

No stone was left unturned in the efforts of his staff to convert these leads into clients. As a result, he went from nine cases opened in January 2014, to 36 cases opened in January 2015 – and without spending any extra money.

No Dead Leads

“There are no dead leads,” he told me. “Either they become a client, or they’re never going to be a client.”

“So you decided to keep flogging each horse?” I asked him.

“You got it,” he replied. “I made sure that we just kept following up with each lead, doing every single thing within our power to try and convert them.”

Like I said, this member already knows about marketing, intakes and lead conversions. He thought he already had it down. But by taking a fresh look at what he was doing – and perhaps more importantly, getting his own hands dirty with the all the fine details – he found a lot of simple extra things they could start doing to increase their conversion rate.

Leads Are Expensive

Leads are expensive. Follow-up is not. The money spent on leads you don’t convert is wasted. How many of us have ever looked at it that way? It is a simple concept really, and if you make the effort to start thinking in those terms, you too just might see a marked increase in your conversion rate.

Taking some time to explore every possible conversion avenue won’t just increase your caseload, it will eliminate waste in your law firm.

How would you like to quadruple your caseload, without spending any more money? If you do, take the time, like this PILMMA member did, to re-assess what your firm is doing to systematically follow up with each lead and sign them up as a client.

Multiply Conversions

I’m a big fan of ghost calls because even in the best-run law firms (my own included), you have to regularly keep on top of what your staff say and do on the phone with potential clients.

We have a specific script for a reason – it works. I want my staff to stick to that script, and to make sure that happens we have regular ghost call check-ups and training. When was the last time you had someone call your law office and test your team? You might be surprised by the result when you do.

Here are some other suggestions to help you get started on improving your conversions:

  • Are you capturing the lead’s contact information when they visit your website?
  • Are you using retargeting ads?
  • Are you calling new Internet leads within minutes of receiving their info? How can you call them more promptly?
  • What else can you mail your potential clients?
  • How often do you have someone on your staff pick up the phone and call leads to move the process forward?
  • Can you add steps to your email follow-up campaigns?
  • Are you sending any text messages to leads, for example, to invite them to come into the office to discuss the specifics of their accident?
  • Can you add any questions and answers to your website FAQs?
  • Can you add any new videos to your website to answer questions from potential clients before they ask them?

Trust me, just looking at how you deal with each new lead and your conversion process will force you to think about how you can improve this in your law firm. It worked for one of PILMMA’s members. I guarantee it will work for you.

Again, leads are expensive. Follow-up is not. Get yourself and your staff in that mindset and watch your conversions multiply.

*  *  *  *  *

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