Preparations for July 4th in the Hardison household are underway. As a southern family, that means cooking up the perfect batch of barbeque sauce for the cookout.

For many families, July 4th means fireworks and outdoor grilling. It’s a long tradition.

However, the reason for the festivities is sometimes forgotten while ribs and burgers are tended to and the firework displays are organized.

Whatever differences exist in America, whether political, racial, or even just over musical tastes, we all come together to celebrate the founding of this great nation – and, more importantly, why this great nation was founded.

On July 4th, I like to believe we are all united. We are all on the same team; we are all celebrating the fight for independence from the oppressive hand of overseas rule. We poked King George in the eye and told him that we would decide for ourselves how we wanted to live. We weren’t going to be beholden to the laws and taxes of an absent, foreign royal ruler.

The Declaration of Independence and the subsequent Constitution and Bill of Rights laid out how and why the United States would be different. It was a new way of life, a new regime and a new existence.

Like the Civil War that followed, the nation was divided. Not everyone supported the fight for independence. For example, minority groups wanted the protection of the British King.

But today, the fight for independence is one that Americans stand behind. It’s a cause important to us. It’s an idea we all believe in. It’s a fight I’d like to think we’d all be prepared to join.

So why am I getting philosophical? Isn’t this a legal marketing blog?

Fight For A Cause

What we learn from Independence Day is that when you take up a fight for a specific cause, you’ll find other people who take up that fight with you.

As the President of PILMMA, I get to see how many law firms across the country operate. More than just marketing tactics and website designs, I see the real culture and personality of the law firms and of course it comes from the top on down. If a law firm owner truly believes in a certain set of core values, you’ll see it reflected in the operations of the law firm and how the staff conduct themselves.

I’ve written previously about core values and how they can attract your ideal clients.

Where a law firm truly takes up the fight on behalf of their client, whether it’s against the insurance companies or the Social Security Administration, you find their clients will buy into that fight. The law firm takes the side of the client – and the client takes up the side of the law firm.

When the law firm wins that fight and the case has a successful resolution for the client, they become a big cheerleader for the firm.

In contrast, a law firm that only pays lip service to that fight and instead takes the first lowball settlement offer, will never have their clients go out campaigning on their behalf. The law firm decided on mediocrity and that’s not a side many people want to join.

On Saturday you’ll see America come together and celebrate our victory in the fight against the British. You’ll see people go crazy with their celebrations. Team USA is the side we’re on, and the team we cheer for.

Do you want your clients to cheer on your law firm like they celebrate our independence?

Take the side of your client.

Pick a fight they want to back you up on.

Be about something that they will all buy into. Give your clients a reason to light fireworks in your honor and others will want to join that cause.

*   *   *   *   *

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