Infographics are a new tool for marketing a law practice.

Once we started giving the below info graphic to our new clients and explained the process, our complaints and timeline questions dropped by 70%.

People remember pictures much more than text. Infographics are great as they can convey a lot of information in a very simple and appealing fashion.  Most lawyers utilize them in their marketing mix.  They are easy to share on all the different social media platforms.  They are easy to embed in a blog post or website page.  Gyi Tsakalakis has created a Pinterest  board just for legal infographics.

But there are other uses for infographics.  When I was practicing disability law in South Carolina, we created an info graphic to show our prospects and clients the Social Security Disability Application timeline.

We were getting complaints about how long the process took.  Even though we explained the long time it takes to get Social Security Disability and had a blurb about the government red tape in our new client welcome packet.

SSD infographic

Infographics are not just for marketing your law firm anymore.  You can use them to educate your clients and help shape their expectations on what to expect in their cases.

What are you saying in text that you could communicate visually?