Often times during one of our PILMMA Mastermind Meetings, debate occurs on whether you can accurately track the origin of your leads and new cases.  Typically, the debate goes something like this: “We are on TV, billboards, and radio. We have a website with SEO and a blog. We use retargeting ads.  We put videos on YouTube.  We are everywhere!  There is no way to attribute a new case or lead to one type of media.”

My response is this is “true”. But, you need to know what media or marketing tactic made your prospect raise their hand and decide to take action and contact your law firm. I will agree that there is really no way to achieve 100% accuracy when trying to determine which marketing tactic is working and which ones are less effective. But, getting 80% accuracy is very possible and this is much better than 0%!!!

So how do you track your marketing?  Below is a list of methods used by smart and successful law firms:

  1. Use different tracking numbers for different ads. Companies such as Callfire.
  2. Use Google Analytics to see who opted in for your lead magnet.
  3. Google and Facebook give you tracking codes for all their paid advertising.
  4. The best way to track prospects who call your office is to ask these two simple questions:
  • “How did you hear about us?”
  • “What did you look at when you dialed our number? (this question is essential as it pinpoints how they got your number!)”

By using the above tracking techniques, you can get a better picture of where your marketing dollars are best spent. Once you are able to evaluate what’s not working, the next step is to reallocate those marketing dollars into the areas that have been successful.

So, yes you can accurately track your marketing dollars to a certain degree.  I strongly recommend that you begin tracking your marketing expenditures immediately.  Stop wasting your marketing dollars.  Now is the time to start getting better returns on your marketing investment.  You owe it to your law firm and yourself!