Hiring, Firing & Everything In-Between! | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

It takes a village to build a successful law firm.

And not just any village, but a well trained, motivated and capable team that brings the best out of your business. But here’s the hard part that we get stuck on…

How do you find, hire, motivate and train your team?

This is why I’ve invited a battle-tested veteran of the operations side of law firms to speak at next week’s 2016 PILMMA Super Summit.

TJ Saye, the Business and Operations Director at Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard is going to reveal his process behind “Hiring, Firing and Everything In-Between: Creating an Exceptional Law Firm Marketing Team” at the summit.

And while he’s speaking specifically on his process of getting the most from his firm’s marketing team, you’ll be able to apply much of what you learn, across the board to other departments in your firm.

Along with all you’ll learn from TJ, we have numerous experts and lawyers speaking on a wide range of topics to help you better market AND manage your law practice. If you’re ready to learn from TJ and the 30 other lawyers, speakers and law firm managers, click the button below to save your seat for the summit!