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UPDATE 1/9/19: Want to dominate ONLINE Advertising too? Check out this new blog post: Digital Advertising for Law Firms: The Secret Sauce

Most markets already have one or two 800 pound gorilla law firms that are established and dominating the “getting clients game”.

Is it even possible to compete with these firms? Until now, most lawyers think that in order to compete, you need a huge budget to outspend the competition.

On this week’s webinar, I’m going to prove you wrong.

First, I’m going to show you how to overcome the cost barriers of getting on TV.

Then, I’m going to show you my system to get quality car wreck cases for less than $1,000 each.

By the end of this FREE training, you’re going to know exactly how to compete on the same playing field as the “TV lawyers” in your market – but at a fraction of the cost.

How’s that for a competitive edge?!?

WEBINAR: How To Successfully Advertise On TV With A Small Budget w/ Ken Hardison
DATE/TIME: Thursday, December 15th @ 1 PM Eastern

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