It’s no secret that having a strong online marketing strategy is essential for any law firm these days. What many lawyers need to know, though, is how you can leverage your offline activities to give you a leg up online.
As an active professional and dedicated member of your community, you are likely already involved in plenty of endeavors that could improve your online presence. Now, you just need to take that extra step to tie those into your online marketing campaign.


Focusing on great client service. Of course, most law firms strive to provide excellent client service, especially since many new clients will come to you through referrals. However, you may not always be thinking about how those in-person relationships with clients can translate to online referrals. Make sure you have a process in place to help your satisfied clients leave you positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and other trusted ratings sites. Of course, be aware of regulations and guidelines stipulated by each platform, as well as applicable bar rules.
On the flip side, take a hard look at your intake process to ensure you are leaving a friendly and positive impression even with people who do not end up as clients. Research has shown that customers who have a bad experience are 50 percent more likely to leave a review online than those who have a positive experience.

Taking an active role in your community. Many attorneys are happy to give back to the communities they serve, either by volunteering, sponsoring events, or donating to local charities. Whether these efforts benefit causes near and dear to your heart or causes that support your clients’ interests, these types of activities can add depth to your brand online.
When volunteering at an event, take photos and videos to post to your site and share on social media, tagging the organization to further your reach. And remember to ask charities that you support or organizations that you sponsor to link from their site to yours in return.

Participating in social clubs or pursuing your passion for hobbies. Not only do these types of activities improve your work-life balance, they provide an opportunity for website content that encourages potential clients to connect with you on a personal level.

For example: Are you an avid motorcyclist?…


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