Become an Expert in Six Months by Micki Love | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Earl Nightingale, a famous author, famously said:  If you spend 30 minutes – every day – learning about one specific subject, you’ll become a legitimate expert in six months.  It’s a new year, so if you apply yourself and follow Earl’s advice you could become an expert in most anything by mid-year!

You’re probably thinking, I don’t have 30 minutes to spare in a week let alone every day.  I get it.  I remember the days when I was running a multi-state law firm with 150+ employees and trying to keep my personal life running optimally as well.  Life can be, crazy.  However, if you have a passion for something or a desire to be better at something, you will commit the time it takes to ensuring you are the best.  Also, technology is advancing every day and we are able to connect with our favorite books and authors in so many more ways than in the past.  I’m still a fan of having the actual book and reading it (I like to make notes in the book, dogear pages to refer to later and create a list of the best parts of the books for future reference) but my friend loves audio books and listens to them while working out.  My point is, you can find the time if you are committed to the process.

I encourage you to build your reading list and get started.  Here are a few of my favorite reads…I refer to these books routinely when looking for answers on how to solve operational inefficiencies or to gain momentum in different areas.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What you Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm – Verne Harnish

This is probably the book I referred to the most when the firm I worked for was experiencing tremendous growth.  I still refer to this book several times per year to help me find direction for clients or help me think outside the box and in the numbers needed to evaluate the growth model of the firm and make informed decisions.  Hands down, this book is the one I refer to most often…

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