Your Firm's PPC Landing Pages Have One Job with Consultwebs | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Feeling like your firm is all over the place with pay per click and landing pages?

Well you won’t want to miss this FREE TRAINING where our friends at Consultwebs will show you how to get a better ROI on your PPC investment by improving your landing pages.

Join us for Your Firm’s PPC Landing Pages Have One Job

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • What elements are crucial to include on your PPC landing page
  • Why a high bounce rate on a landing page may actually be a good thing
  • What kinds of images can capture attention and engage visitors
  • Ideas to improve the content and messaging on your pages
  • Key emotions to evoke with your page to encourage more conversions and cases

Webinar: Your Firm’s PPC Landing Pages Have One Job w/ Consultwebs
Date/Time: Thursday, April 27 @ 1PM Eastern

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