Up until 2014, lawyers could post links to their blog and reach hundreds of followers each time. I remember watching the dramatic shift in Facebook’s algorithm. Suddenly, the number of people who would see the posts dropped for one page from a 300 average to 60 and eventually to under 30. No matter what I did, no matter how hard we worked to be engaging and interesting, there was just no traction.

The reason was that Facebook had begun selling a new option: boost your posts. Reach more by paying for it. Any business that wanted to compete on Facebook had to use the option. Many bloggers were flushed down Facebook’s pay-to-play drain.

Facebook’s “Boost” button has undergone many updates over the last few years. It went from a few basic options to a relatively robust tool harnessing Facebook’s advertising engine power.

Given the prominence of the Boost button, many people have tinkered with it. I spoke to someone recently who said they spent $7,000 boosting posts and didn’t get a dime in return. (No wonder they were so wary of hiring a Facebook ad agency like ours.)

Today I’m going to address one major flaw in people’s approach to Facebook advertising, and then I’ll explain how your practice can make the most of post-boosting on Facebook.

Note: Boosting posts is a limited version of Facebook’s full-scale advertising platform. This should not be used for long-term/ ongoing campaigns. Read on for more details.

The Big Flaw: It Didn’t Work

A business owner must be able to tell when to halt an ad campaign. Equally important – and significantly more profitable – is evaluating whether a concept has profit potential in the first place and whether you can methodically test it for good ROI.

It takes nerve, because winning in FB advertising can mean you will need time to test and evaluate a given campaign. You

have to be in or out when it comes to social media advertising. Spending a small sum can possibly strike a home run – or strike out. But if you keep showing up at home plate, you have another crack at the ball. With Facebook’s robust analytics, you can get quality insights to adjust your campaign.

A doctor wanted me to help him get clients through Facebook advertising. The campaign was one of our most successful campaigns ever. But when he had another idea and it didn’t do well at first, he concluded that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. He should’ve asked, “What can we learn from the analytics?” Being on social media produces information you can use for improvement.

How to Boost Posts

You may have noticed that Facebook has recently changed the section where you can write content for a post. Today, there are nine options:

  • Share a photo or video
  • Advertise your business
  • Get phone calls
  • Get messages
  • Help people find your business
  • Create an event
  • Create an offer
  • Publish a job post
  • Write a note

Let’s look at what happens when you’re sharing a blog, photo, or video. Once you publish your content, a blue button that says “Boost Post” appears at the bottom right of your post.

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