Newsletters are often overlooked as an effective marketing tool for lawyers. Referrals from former clients and callers are the very best source for new cases. Newsletters build a fence around your past clients. A newsletter that is sent out on a monthly basis keeps your law firm at the top of their minds. When someone they known needs a lawyer – your firm is the first one out of their mouths!

Top-of-mind awareness is so important. I tell lawyers who don’t have a large budget to do a newsletter even if you don’t or can’t do anything else. A newsletter is the way to go.

Newsletters also help with branding. You want people to remember who you are and what you do. They help build a continued relationship with past clients. These clients get to know you and “keep in touch” with you and your firm on a more personal level – as long as it’s an effective newsletter!

An effective newsletter’s content should be less than one-third about law. It should also:

  1. Be client-focused.
  2. Give great value.
  3. Be informative, fun and easy to read.
  4. Be readable in 10 minutes and written on the fifth to sixth grade reading level.
  5. Be frequent and dependable.

People love humor. Use this to keep them interested in your newsletter. You can even include a monthly joke about lawyers to keep it lighthearted and friendly. Stay away from the legal mumbo-jumbo and make it consumer-based by including tips and relevant information.

Clients and former clients want to know more about you and others in your law firm. They want to make a connection.

Your list of clients is vital to your firm. If you don’t stay in touch with them and make that connection, you risk losing them to your competition. Look, your list is so important, that Ben Glass once said if you took all of his marketing and only left him with one thing, he hoped that it would be his newsletter and e-zine list.

And, I agree.

You can do them yourself or have a vendor do them for you. There are several vendors who do newsletters, such as Premier Print Marketing (

I am often asked where to find content if you do your newsletter in-house. We use They sent monthly articles on an array of subjects, along with puzzles, humorous anecdotes and jokes. You can choose to use them as-is or add copy to them and make them your own. Either way, it’s a great resource for copy and a heck of a timesaver.

If you’re an existing PILMMA member, you also have access to our resources and templates to help you compile a monthly newsletter or mini-magazine for your clients. It’s available in your Members’ Vault. If you’re not a PILMMA member and you’re considering starting your own newsletter, now might be a good time to join. All of the newsletter work is already done for you!

Whatever you do, don’t start a newsletter that is sporadic in its publication. People get used to get and look forward to reading about your firm. Like everything in marketing: BE CONSISTENT!


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