Key takeaways for this free training:

1. Referrals are the most underrated tool to grow your firm.
2. Energy spent to improve your referral program is far less expensive than spending money on digital or traditional marketing.
3. Use Net Promoter Score as a leading indicator of referral growth.
4. Use technology to maintain a personal relationship with a large client base.
5. Relationships don’t scale, but without them you never will.

About the Presenter:

Ryan Anderson is a successful attorney with an obsession for productivity and technology. These obsessions led him to create Filevine, an online case management system built on project management and team collaboration technologies.

Ryan has given presentations at national conventions on the need for law schools to create team-focused curricula, and on how attorneys can use technology to improve their communication habits. Ryan is an avid bicycle racer and father of four.

Webinar: Tools to Efficiently Increase Referral Volume with Ryan Anderson of Filevine
Date/Time: Thursday, October 12 @ 1 p.m. Eastern


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