Your Website is Useless ... Unless ... | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Your site is of absolutely no value unless visitors are finding it. You may have the best design in town, but if your prospective clients are not able to find you, they are not able to consider you. That is why investing in online visibility is critical to staying ahead in the law firm marketing virtual world.

People are using the Web in a number of different ways. To establish a dominant online presence, you have to “fish where the fish are.”

Your prospective clients are:

  1. Searching Google with direct intent to hire a lawyer (e.g., “Chicago car accident attorney”)
  2. Researching Google about their situation (e.g., “Options for families struggling to pay medical expenses after a car accident”)
  3. Spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.
  4. Reading news on local and national news media sites (ESPN, CNN, FOX News, MarketWatch, hometown newspaper websites).
  5. Watching videos (YouTube, Vimeo)
  6. Surfing the Web
  7. Listening to on-demand music

Your prospective clients are spending more time online every year, whether on traditional desktop or laptop computers or on tablets, smartphones and other new devices. Your firm, therefore, has numerous opportunities to get in front of these prospects.

The Internet provides unlimited options to consumers, and these options make strategic inbound marketing one of the most effective marketing strategies ever devised. People tend to tune out advertising if it is not relevant to their real-time interests. The Web creates somewhat of an equalizing platform for large- and small-budget law firms.

Does all of that sound too confusing? Keeping a presence in all of the best places to connect with your audience may seem intimidating. That’s why we’ve created the PILMMA Internet Bootcamp, coming to Myrtle Beach, S.C., on March 1-2, 2018.

The Bootcamp is packed with helpful information on the following:

  • Effective online marketing tactics
  • How to handle negative online reviews
  • How to increase conversions of online leads with no added expense
  • Creating a social media strategy that will show measurable results
  • How to market specifically to Millennials
  • Creating an effective pay-per-click ad program
  • And, much more!

This year, we are offering not only the live event in Myrtle Beach, but a livestream option as well. Either would be useful for not only you, but staff members who support your marketing efforts.

Won’t you join us? Whether you consider yourself something of an internet expert or you admit you’re an internet novice, there will be something in this two-day event for you!

Read more at PILMMA Internet Bootcamp. Or, you can sign up for the live event here, or the livestream here.