Personal Injury Lawyer Dianne Sawaya

Personal Injury Lawyer Dianne Sawaya

Dianne Sawaya is anything but a stereotypical personal injury lawyer. For 20 years, the Denver, Colorado native has taken advantage of her pre-medicine undergraduate studies to help her understand what her clients are truly coping with, and provide attentive, personalized client service to them.

That unique approach brought success to her law firm, but as her practice Administrator, Jossline Roland explains, things really took off when Dianne joined PILMMA, The Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association.

“Three, four years ago, prior to PILMMA, we were doing well and profiting and servicing our clients, but the change that has occurred in our firm over the past several years, with everything we’ve learned from PILMMA, has dramatically changed the course of our business,” said Jossline.

Intake Conversions Increased Threefold

Just one example of massive improvement in the law firm is how they handle intakes. “We always had a great person talking to new clients,” said Jossline,  “but after attending a PILMMA Mastermind Group, we learned about different organizations that trained staff on intake. And that training alone has increased our conversions threefold.”

Dianne clearly isn’t somebody who will settle for second best for her law practice. Having seen the huge improvement on what she already thought was a great system, she now has all her staff members go through the intake training she learned about through PILMMA.

“We’ve also changed the procedure on how we connect with clients,” said Jossline.

In addition to her PILMMA membership, Dianne is a member of a PILMMA Mastermind Group. Behind closed doors, this group of a dozen Personal Injury and Disability lawyers, from around the country, come together to help each other build the law practice of their dreams.

Making Law Firm Marketing & Management Strategies More Successful

Jossline Roland, Law Firm Administrator For Dianne Sawaya

Jossline Roland, Law Firm Administrator For Dianne Sawaya

The Mastermind Group is more than just a place to exchange ideas; all these ambitious law firm owners think and act more like successful entrepreneurs as they tackle each new challenge.

“These other attorneys try our ideas and they improve upon them,” said Jossline. “Then they come back to us and they help us improve upon the different marketing and management techniques that we’ve tried.”

Avoid Expensive Mistakes & Bad Vendors

As well as helping to turn new ideas into effective and successful strategies, Mastermind Groups can also help law firm owners avoid expensive and time consuming-mistakes.

“We don’t have to go through the same suffering as other firms have done when they try a brand new concept,” said Jossline. “They tell us the problems they had and we don’t have to go through the same pain in implementing some of these changes.”

PILMMA and Mastermind Group membership brings another benefit: avoiding bad vendors. With PILMMA’s Listserv, members are able to communicate freely with each other and ask about experiences with vendors. In PILMMA’s Mastermind Groups, the scuttlebutt about bad vendors is shared openly. “They’ve vetted different vendors out there,” said Jossline. “They can warn you against the ones to stay away from.”

Better Client and Staff Relationships

Dianne Sawaya at work in her Denver, CO office

The knowledge learned through Dianne’s membership of PILMMA, coupled with her Mastermind Group membership, has had a profound effect on the law practice, both for employees and for clients. “We had an increase in clientele after being in Mastermind Groups,” explained Jossline. “We’ve had a great retention of employees and learning how to show appreciation.”

When you see the energy in Dianne and in Jossline, her practice Administrator, the benefits from their relationship with PILMMA are self evident – and they also offer a valuable lesson to law firm owners who are already successful:

When you join a group of high flying, entrepreneurial lawyers like you find at PILMMA, you realize that your level of success is only limited by your ambition. At PILMMA you have access to all the resources you need to build the law firm of your dreams. And you’re not alone. Your fellow PILMMA members are on that same journey with you.

Jossline testifies to the team spirit, camaraderie and support that PILMMA provides its members. “Ken has brought together a remarkable group of attorneys from all different areas and fields of practice even, and everyone’s individual ideas brought to the table only help us all.”

Ken Hardison, President of PILMMA, has high praise for Dianne and Jossline. “They’re great Mastermind Group members,” said Ken. “They’re both very forthcoming with innovative ways of marketing and managing their law firm. And their dedication to their staff, their clients and their community shines through.”

Any Time You Need Help, Just Ask

Jossline wastes no time in recommending that other Personal Injury and Disability lawyers join PILMMA. “It is a great forum to be in where you can share your challenges and get support from others around you to help you through those challenges. You’re not alone. Any time you need help you just pick up the phone and call Ken, or you email any of your Mastermind Group members, and the answers are right there.”

Watch The Video

Watch the full video of Jossline talking about how PILMMA has made a big difference to the law practice.