Two hundred and forty two years ago, a group of men, nearly half of them lawyers, came together and agreed on a single, defining principle that has shaped this great nation of ours.

They all agreed to no longer be answerable to a distant, foreign ruler and that instead they would create their own destiny. They started with a blank sheet of paper and came up with the Declaration of Independence.

And then they went to war, to fight for the principle they had just staked their collective futures upon.

Did you know, by the way, that George Washington was offered the opportunity to be the first King of the United States, but declined the offer, believing it to be inappropriate for the newly formed country?

When Washington stepped down after two terms as president, he was praised by King George III, the very man whose reign was repudiated in the War of Independence. “The greatest character of the age,” was how our ex-monarch described the first President of the United States.

While we claimed independence in 1776, today many law firm owners feel shackled to their practices. They are free, at least according to the Constitution, but they are not truly free.

What Is Real Freedom?

So many lawyers are unable to step away from the day-to-day business of handling cases, or to take time off with their families, certain that new cases will be opened and existing clients managed appropriately in their absence.

Thirty years ago, I felt like that too. I wasn’t free. I was working every possible hour, hustling to get cases, hustling to close cases, and hustling to make payroll each month.

That certainly isn’t freedom.

If you’re a prisoner in your law office, you aren’t free.

But discovering real freedom and independence, as a lawyer or law firm owner, is not something that can be gifted to you by Government decree.

Real freedom is something you have to create for yourself.

You need to know what the prize is that you’re aiming for, and you need to keep your eye on the prize – all while you put together and follow through on a plan that means you are the owner of your own destiny.

Just like the Founding Fathers refused to be at the mercy of distant, arbitrary decisions, and instead pursue a path of their own choosing, so must you if you want to discover that real freedom.

You Can Free Yourself!

And it’s entirely possible for you to free yourself and never look back. Once I found out how to build a law firm that freed me, I was able to show other lawyers how to achieve that same result.

All of us who designed our own path, and who consciously followed only our paths – instead of just responding to events not of our making – are enjoying that beautiful freedom. It’s the same spirit that the Founding Fathers tried to imbue in that newborn nation back in 1776.

That freedom meant that I could take a week or more off work and know that everything was working just fine. Without being in the office, I knew our systems, procedures and our marketing were all running smoothly. That meant existing clients had their cases managed and settled, while new cases were opened – and all without me being there.

By building a better law firm, one that ran without requiring my constant attention, I didn’t just free myself from the grind. I also created a better service for my clients, one that systematically treated each client the way they should be treated. It made me truly proud of what I was offering, and it made for satisfied clients.

Creating that bigger, better law firm also freed me from the shackles of limited income. Before I figured this out, the formula was pretty simple; my income was directly proportional to how many hours I worked. And you can only work so many hours in the day.

But after I cracked the code, I’d broken out of that paradigm. I could make more money without working. I could make a load more money just by working differently, by working smarter. By working on my business, instead of working in my business.

Time & Financial Freedom

I’d achieved the freedom that, really, we all desire: Time freedom and financial freedom. That’s true independence.

And that’s what PILMMA teaches its members – how to work on your business, and exactly what to do, so that they too are freed from the shackles of their law practices.

We have numerous success stories from law firm owners who, at a minimum, have doubled their caseload while lowering their costs and increasing their profitability.

PILMMA members have found that spirit of freedom and independence in their own businesses – but only once they had made the decision for themselves that they would no longer just react to their surroundings.

Make A Choice

Creating a successful law practice that truly frees you is not something that happens by accident. It takes the right mindset and conscious, deliberate actions to follow a path of your own choosing, just as the Founding Fathers did. You have to be resilient and determined. You have to ignore the naysayers.

We are an amazing species. There is almost nothing that we cannot achieve if we truly set our minds on it. But too many lawyers get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget that they possess that infinite power to create something new.

So if you’re one of those lawyers who feels shackled to their law firm, on this July 4th, take stock of your situation and ask yourself, “Am I really taking control of my own destiny? Am I really making a conscious decision to forge a new path for my own future?”

Only you can make the decision to free yourself.

But once you’ve made that decision, you don’t have to be alone.

By joining PILMMA, you too can discover all the proven strategies and tactics that have helped hundreds of other lawyers to create their own freedom. And once you become a member, they’ll share their own stories with you. They’ll explain the ups and downs of building a law practice that gave them that freedom. That means you can save yourself a lot of time by avoiding their mistakes and copying the same things that they have already proven to work for them.

Choose Freedom

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Happy Independence Day!

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