It’s been a while since I wrote about law firm video strategy and the importance of having videos on your law firm’s website.

Video enables website visitors to consume information in a different way to reading what you have written. And arguably it’s easier for the visitor too.

With video, the visitor to your website can sit back and absorb what you’re saying – they don’t have to read anything besides any captions or titles you put onscreen.

And that passive, sit-back experience of watching videos is even more popular with the growth of YouTube, Netflix and Social Media.

If you’ve recorded a video of you explaining a frequently asked question, or a change in the law, or how your practice handles cases, it gives the viewer a chance to know, like and trust you. That’s much harder to achieve with the written word.

Then there are the benefits to your search engine rankings by having a lot of videos on your website. The longer a visitor spends on your site, and the more pages of content they consume, the more likely it is that Google will rank you higher in search results.

Then there’s the fact that the more videos a visitor watches on your website, the more likely they are to hire you.

But if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you should already be familiar with these reasons why video is so important in the marketing arsenal for any law firm owner who wants to succeed.

It’s all very well me saying, “You need to create videos”, but what if you don’t know where to start? Or what if you think you’ve already produced every possible video?

So in this blog post, I want to share with you five different ideas for videos that you ought to have on your website, but probably don’t.

Law Firm Video #1: Your Story

Take a look at the example above for Petro Law Firm in Birmingham AL. It was created for them by Crisp Video Group.

This video is so much more than just a static shot of the law firm owner explaining direct to camera why they started their law practice. It uses great cinematography and music to help tell the story and draw in the viewer.

It’s not boring and it pushes emotional buttons in the viewer.

The video includes a client testimonial, so it’s not just the law firm owner talking about themself.

This is a video that really enables the viewer to begin to know, like and trust Mark Petro, the law firm owner.

Really, it’s a video that Mark and his employees can all be proud of, and know that it’s going to help convert website visitors into clients.

Law Firm Video #2: Point of Interest on a Recent Case

Check out the video above from New York lawyer, Gerry Oginski.

Gerry is a master at putting out videos like that.

Not only do they give a fascinating perspective on his many cases, they also perform incredibly well in search results.

Just because something unique happened in a recent case you handled, that doesn’t really mean it’s unique. It’s just unique to you.

In the video above, Gerry talks about receiving a confidential memo from his opponent in a case, it having been inadvertently included with a letter that was sent to him.

Receiving documents that weren’t intended for you is something that will eventually happen to every lawyer, because people are fallible and make mistakes.

So no matter how weird or one-off you think something is, if you put together a video about it – and optimize it so that it can be found with relevant keywords – it will get watched.

And because YOU are the lawyer who made a video that answered the question from that potential client, you’re much more likely to sign them as a client.

Law Firm Video #3: Community Involvement

Check out this page on the website for Herrman & Herrman, who are PILMMA members based in Texas.

Every year, the law firm runs an essay contest, and this year they’re giving away $5,000 in scholarship funds, to help the students in their community.

The video they posted on the page isn’t very long, but it congratulates the three winners and shows how happy they are to have won a scholarship from the firm.

You could just read about their scholarship contest, but watching the video helps you understand that it’s not a scam, as well as creating enthusiasm and excitement among the contest’s potential entrants.

However you choose to get involved in your community, make sure that your video focuses on the good work of the organization you’re supporting.

Don’t make a video about what an amazing human being you are – it’s entirely self serving and nobody will be impressed. Instead try to get the word out about the good cause and how other people can get involved too.

Law Firm Video #4: Finding Your Office

Have you ever had a potential client arrive late to your office and say, “I had trouble finding your office”?

When somebody can’t find an address and they have an appointment to keep, it can make them aggravated. And you don’t want potential clients to be aggravated when they arrive at your office.

Maybe your office isn’t on the main street. Maybe it’s tucked away at the back of an office park. Maybe you’ve been asking the town council for some more street signs because you know clients get lost looking for your office.

Either it’s blindingly obvious how to get to your office, or it isn’t.

If it isn’t, you can fix that with some videos.

Of course you can type up directions and display them alongside a Google map on a page on your website.

But it would be infinitely more helpful to those visitors if you shot videos that showed how to get to your office from the main approaches. For example, for the PILMMA offices, I could shoot one video showing how to get here from the north, coming down Highway 17. And I could shoot another video showing the approach on Highway 17 from the south.

I can then make a point in each video of identifying important landmarks. So I might say, “You can see the Dunkin Donuts on the right, that’s when you want to move over to the left lane.”

And of course, you don’t have to just hope that potential clients find those videos on your website. When your case manager or receptionist makes an appointment, they can say to the potential client, “We have videos that show you how to find our offices. Would you like me to email you the link to that page on our website?”

How amazingly helpful would that be?

Law Firm Video #5: The Viral Video

My fifth idea for a video you probably don’t have on your website is a little out of left field, but just as important.

You should create a fun video that shows you doing something unexpected or out of character.

You should probably create this video, first and foremost for Social Media, but that shouldn’t stop you also sharing it on your law firm’s website.

This isn’t crazy talk. You’ve seen this in action, even if you don’t remember.

Think Ice Bucket Challenge as an example.

Here’s why you should do this. The videos most likely to be shared on Social Media and go viral are the ones that show an unexpected outcome, or show somebody doing something out of character. I’ve seen videos of police departments do the lip-sync challenge, and rack up half a million views in a couple of days. That’s because you don’t expect to find an entire police department all get in on the fun – especially when you expect them to be taking down criminals.

That’s the same reason why the Ice Bucket Challenge was so viral. All those people you know were doing something out of character by pouring ice cold water over their heads. It was fun. You laughed with them and wanted to share the video. Maybe you hoped you’d get called out, so that you could do your own Ice Bucket video.

I did a promotion on Facebook for PILMMA, with a video of me trying to break out of a straitjacket. That’s not the sort of video I usually produce. It’s not what you would normally expect from a sensible lawyer. So it got a ton of likes and shares.

Social Media likes the unexpected. It likes the remarkable – when it’s so good that people have to remark on it, to post a comment or share it with others.

I would suggest producing a video that gets the majority of your employees involved and where you have fun putting it together. A few years ago, that might have been a law firm doing their own version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song, complete with dancing and lip-syncing.

At the moment, lip-sync challenge videos are all the rage.

You could challenge another firm in your market that handles a different practice area. Or you could challenge a fellow personal injury lawyer in another market, possibly one of your PILMMA friends.

Putting together a video like this isn’t crazy at all. As well as allowing your staff to let their hair down a little, you’re showing a more human, personal side of your law firm to potential clients. It really will give them a chance to know, like and trust you.

By involving all your employees, it’s pretty certain that a bunch of them will share the video on their Social Media accounts. That gives you added reach with something fun.

And, like I said, because it’s unexpected, out of character and fun, it really does have a chance of going viral – well more viral than you’re used to – at least in your local area.

As I explained back in May, 99% of the time, your content is not relevant on Social Media. Creating a video that is good clean fun, and has nothing to do with car accidents or medical malpractice, means you’ll be relevant more than just 1% of the time.

Update – November 9th 2018

PILMMA member Dianne Sawaya acted on our suggestion and created a video for #justicelipsyncchallenge. Check it out below.

Action Step

Even if you’ve got loads of videos on your law firm’s website already, I’ll bet that you don’t have all five videos I’ve listed above. Maybe you have one or possibly two of them, but not all five.

So pick one of the five, and make the decision to produce that video.