Step By Step: Setting Up Your Facebook Retargeting Campaign | Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association

Watch the Live Walk-Through

Watch Luke’s live walkthroughs in the video below (no registration required):

At 2pm EDT on Wednesday, August 15, Luke W Russell is going to be setting up two of our PILMMA members’ retargeting to show you the exact steps that he takes.

Luke is giving you all the steps along with multiple templates to help you and your team set up your own ads (of course, if you don’t want to deal with writing copy and making images or taking the time to do this, he’s happy to help 🙂 ).

He’ll be setting up a Nudge campaign for both firms.

A Nudge campaign targets people who are on the brink of making a decision and encourages them to take the final step of contacting you. This is the one form of retargeting that every business should have implemented.

Whether your traffic is from traditional advertising (e.g. television, radio) or internet marketing (e.g. SEO, pay-per-click, social), retargeting will allow you to get more leads and clients out of the people already coming to your website.


*No registration required. The video will be streamed live below on Wednesday, August 15th.

2:00pm EDT – The Lovely Law Firm
3:00pm EDT – Herrman & Herrman (approximate start time)

Special Offer #1: Get Your Retargeting Set Up for FREE!

Would you like our marketing team to configure a Nudge retargeting campaign for free?

We have a few requirements and we ask that you give us the opportunity to pitch our ongoing maintenance (don’t worry, you’re not required to buy anything).

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As an added bonus, you’ll get access to SIX of Ken Hardison’s favorite presentations from the 2018 Internet Domination Bootcamp. This includes:

  1. Once Is NOT Enough: How to Convert With Retargeting by Luke Russell
  2. Success in Local Search by Attorney Seth Price
  3. Become the Author and Supercharge Your Website with Link Building by Attorney Justin Lovely
  4. Bring in Real Business w/ Social Media by Attorney Adrian Dayton
  5. How to Use Social Media to Expand Your Brand by Attorney Mitch Jackson
  6. A Millennial Marketer’s Guide to Marketing by Anna Hrach

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Download Luke’s Templates

Download Luke’s templates via Dropbox that he uses in this presentation to help you implement your own Nudge retargeting campaign.

Questions / Comments?

Luke will be taking questions through the comment section below on this page.

Get In Touch with Luke

If you have questions after the presentation for Luke, he’s always happy to answer them (that’s a perk you get from hanging around PILMMA!).

You can visit his website to learn more about his company:
You can also email him directly at

You don’t need to pretend to want his services if you just have some questions. He’s happy to help. 🙂


  1. Michelle Knight

    It is possible to access the training after the date. Sorry I had not realised this was due to be 7pm rather than 2pm!

  2. Billy Ray

    Hi Michelle, yes, the replay will be available on this page. (It’ll be live today @ 2 PM Eastern)

  3. Tayler

    Should the news feed text just be a general paragraph like you used that is on the website?

  4. Eva Snider

    That’s definitely a good option, Tayler, but we also did that for speed. When we’re doing this for a client, we’ll usually do several ads: one with a paragraph or two of general information, and several focusing on specific reasons to hire the firm or focusing on pressure points for clients (such as making ends meet after an injury).

  5. Jackie

    How much do you recommend to budget every month on average for a small to mid size firm for Facebook retargeting?

  6. Eva Snider

    Hi, Jackie. For a Nudge campaign, we generally suggest around $150-300 / month for a smaller firm. Nudge campaigns are just one type of retargeting, though. Other kinds of retargeting, such as focusing on a practice area, will increase the budget from there. It definitely also depends on the size of your traffic, since spending a lot on lower amounts of traffic is likely to “oversaturate” the ad for people.

  7. Megan

    what’s the scholarship exclude and snapchat exclude?

  8. Eva Snider

    Hey Megan, we found that those two pages had high traffic volume in Google Analytics, but that they were unlikely to be pages someone would be visiting while considering whether to hire the firm. That’s why we excluded them: traffic from those pages is unlikely to be the right kind of traffic for nudging to contact the firm.