Editor’s Note: In this week’s guest blog post, Michael Mogill from Crisp Video discusses the best practices for using pop ups on your law firm’s website to help increase conversions. When you’re done reading this article, check out our entire three-part series on Law Firm Website Marketing and Optimization for 2018.


I have a bone to pick with law firm owners. It’s a bone that’s shaped like a smiling brunette with a ponytail, a headset, and a blazer. She’s occasionally named “Sonia”, “Tracy”, or maybe even “Amanda.”

Nothing coming to mind yet? Maybe this will jog your memory:

pop ups, law firm pop ups

You see, a lot of you use this same stock image as the face of your firm’s live chat and contact form pop ups. This smiling face greets website visitors with a persistent pop up “We’re here to help if you have questions.”

I’m not criticizing those of you who use live chat or pop ups. In fact, I’d encourage it – they’re great conversion tools.

But if all of you are using the same stock image as the face of your firm, your clients are immediately going to know that it isn’t you answering their responses, and that removes some of the authenticity from your messaging.

Leveraging pop ups on your firm’s website can be a tricky task. Let’s face it: no one likes them. They’re intrusive, in-your-face, and often irritating. Google even went so far as to hit some websites with SEO penalties if their “mobile interstitials were too intrusive.”

But you also can’t deny the power of a pop up. The in-your-face messaging, if leveraged correctly, can drive a ton of conversions.

The average pop up has a 3% conversion rate. That may seem low, but achieving a 3% conversion rate on a pop up window is no small feat.

Through a lot of trial and error, our team has identified a few key traits that make a successful pop up:

Pop Ups And Customization

Your pop ups should be customized to fit your firm’s branding, including colors, fonts, and messaging. If it involves images (especially an image of a live chat representative) use someone from your team – don’t use a stock photo. They’re easy to identify, which means it’s easy for your website visitors to spot a fake.


In order for pop ups to work, they have to be personalized to your site visitors. While that doesn’t mean their first name has to be plastered on a pop up, it does mean to have to create messages that match their intentions.

For example, you can create a pop up on your blog page that asks if they want to sign up to receive new blog or email updates. Or, you can create a pop up on your contact page that pops up when they express exit intent with messaging that encourages them not to leave without finishing their form.

Incorporate Value

For ecommerce companies, it’s very common for pop ups to offer coupons and discounts to provide explicit value to site visitors.

Your law firm (I hope) doesn’t offer coupons, but you can accomplish the same effect by offering tangible items like an eBook, free guide, a physical book if you’re published, or whatever educational materials would be of value to the visitor.

By offering a tangible item in exchange for their contact information, it boosts your pop up conversions while also opening the door for a relationship with that potential client.

Monitor Your Site Traffic

Which pages on your website receive the highest amounts of traffic? Do you have pop ups that are customized to those pages to boost your chances of converting those visitors?

If you’re not sure where to start with your pop ups, check your site analytics. Whichever pages on your site receive the most traffic should all have pop ups with contact forms. If 3000 people a month are visiting your attorney profile pages but you don’t have a pop up on that page, then you could be missing close to 100 leads a month (if your pop ups are running at a 3% conversion rate).

Another rule of thumb for law firm website pop ups is to make sure you include a clear call-to-action. Don’t ask vague questions without a direct next step, but rather include options, whether it’s “Contact Us”, “Download Your Free Guide”, “Submit Your Questions”, “Book Your Consultation”, etc.

Pop ups can be a tricky thing to implement, and if you’re not optimizing them properly you may have valuable leads slipping through the cracks.

By implementing the strategies I’ve outlined, you’ll be able to boost your pop up conversions and see an influx in leads – just make sure you don’t use stock images!

Pro tip: Pop up ads can work exceptionally well on landing pages that are designed specifically for your digital ads, such as a Facebook campaign. If someone clicks through from a Facebook ad and lands on your page, but then scrolls to leave, an exit intent pop up can be a “safety net” of sorts to try and get their contact information.

If you want to get started on crafting an ad campaign (and a pop up to correspond with it), you can download our Facebook Ad Targeting Guide here. That will show you the info you need to get started crafting targeted ads and the pop ups that can go with them!

About The Author

Michael Mogill is the President and CEO of Crisp Video Group. Crisp Video Group provides video production and marketing using a method they developed for telling your law firm’s story in a way that creates an emotional appeal while sharing what separates you from a sea of competitors. They provide premium legal video marketing for attorneys and law firms that simply want the best. Michael is a highly sought-after public speaker who has presented at multiple national conferences on innovative ways to accomplish meaningful growth in business.