Multi-Channel Marketing: Law Firm Marketing Strategies

UPDATE 1/9/19: Tracking is the *Secret Sauce* to any successful Multi-Channel Marketing strategy. Check out this new post on our blog: Digital Advertising for Law Firms: The Secret Sauce

EDITOR’S NOTE: Multi-Channel Marketing allows your law firm to reduce its risk in marketing by getting your message in lots of places versus just one place. After you read this guest post from Crisp Video CEO Michael Mogill, have a look at our in-depth article to Social Media Marketing for Law Firms.


Did you know that today’s consumer requires an average of 8 touches just to book their initial meeting with you? That doesn’t even include the touches it takes to sign them on as a client. Fifteen years ago? They only needed two.

Let’s face it: the internet is the new billboard. You can plaster your firm across every website on the internet these days, but many of you aren’t. You select a handful of platforms and pour money into spreading your message.

But here’s the problem with that: consumers require more touches than ever to make a buying decision.

As much as we all may wish that every prospect immediately decides to become a client, converting leads into clients often requires playing the long game. It requires crafting a message that can be adapted to meet the needs of prospects in each stage of the buyer’s journey. It also requires crafting a message that is optimized to a variety of online platforms to ensure you stay top of mind.

Your goal as a marketer should always be to remain top of mind – that’s how you get to the top of your market. The best way to do this? By strategically advertising on the platforms where your ideal clients spend the most of their time.

Digital advertising is only going to continue to get more expensive. Especially in crowded markets where attorneys are competing for space (and attention span), law firm owners need to find new ways to keep their firm top of mind in the eyes of their potential clients. This strategy is known as multi-channel marketing: the practice of reaching prospective clients using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels —both online (e.g., websites, social media, email, etc.) and offline (e.g., direct mail, billboards, radio, etc.).

Multi-channel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be where your prospective clients are – and they are everywhere. Multi-channel marketing is also a cost-effective solution for crowded markets. While your competitors may spend thousands a month on PPC, you can spread that same budget across a variety of platforms and yield more returns for an equal (or smaller) budget.

Multi-channel marketing can be leveraged using a variety of mediums (written content, images, videos, etc.) to create an immersive brand awareness campaign that drives traffic, boosts conversions, and generates leads.

Here are a few channels you can incorporate into your multi-channel marketing strategy:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Direct Mail
  • Referrals
  • Email Marketing
  • TV and Radio Advertising
  • Billboards and Local Advertising

None of the aforementioned strategies are strong enough to create a sustainable revenue stream individually. However, when you run advertising campaigns across a handful (or even all) of these platforms, you’ll be able to increase exposure and exponentially improve your odds of getting in front of your ideal client. Today’s adult uses an average of four and a half devices to access the internet – so you should be tailoring your ads so they’re optimized to the user’s experience on each platform they access.

At the very least, you should be running ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn while also focusing on offline initiatives such as client referrals and direct mail. Your content for each of these platforms should be individually optimized to perform on that platform – for instance, your Facebook ad may contain different imagery and copy than your YouTube ad.

To further boost the efficacy of your multi-channel marketing efforts, try creating a multi-step campaign that covers a variety of mediums. For instance, you can send a targeted direct mail, follow up with an email, then loop them into a Facebook audience. At each point in this campaign, you’re further building on the points you introduced in the first step, which helps your law firm stay top of mind and improves your odds of generation conversions.

If you’re ready to launch a multi-channel campaign and amplify your brand, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your ad campaign is natively optimized for the platform you’re advertising on (i.e. follow Facebook’s guidelines for high-performing ads, check in on what makes a good YouTube ad, etc.)
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – spread your marketing budget across a handful of channels both on and offline
  • Ensure your campaigns work together so potential clients get an average of 8 touches, which will increase your conversions
  • Customize your campaigns to match your audience’s unique needs and characteristics (i.e. interests, demographics, geography, legal needs)
  • Choose your channels carefully: a good multi-channel campaign doesn’t need to cover every channel, but it should cover the platforms where you know your potential clients spend the most time

As we mentioned, a successful multi-channel marketing campaign typically features a variety of platforms both on and offline. We recommend incorporating Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn while also focusing on offline initiatives such as client referrals and direct mail.

If you want to optimize your firm’s current social media profiles to get prepped for launching your first multi-channel campaign, you can download our Law Firm Social Media Cheat Sheet here to get started.


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