Lashonda Council Rogers, founder of Council & Associates, LLC joined PILMMA and PILMMA Mastermind a year ago and is already reaping major benefits!

In the last year Lashonda has implemented important strategies to grow her firm the right way: “I’ve learned “grass roots” methods to market while not breaking the bank.  I’ve also learned how to document processes and procedures.”  

One of the difficulties many lawyers face is trying to weed through the litany of vendors offering the latest in digital marketing.

Lashonda values her PILMMA membership and it’s ability to help her navigate the process: “PILMMA has helped me save a countless amount of money on marketing tactics that don’t work.  I now know how to evaluate vendors and weed out scammers.”

PILMMA takes your law practice to THE NEXT LEVEL:

Lashonda HIGHLY RECOMMENDS a PILMMA Mastermind membership to “any injury attorney who wants to take their practice to the NEXT LEVEL. PILMMA offers a safe place for PI lawyers at ANY level of practice to learn from their mistakes while experiencing EXTREME GROWTH.”

Advice to CURRENT PILMMA MEMBERS: Lashonda gives three points for current members to make sure they are maximizing their PILMMA membership:  1) Participate, 2) Take the time to explore the valuable resources PILMMA offers online and 3) Take Advantage of the Frequent Training Calls!

So, if you are wondering about the next steps to take in your own law firm; If you want to experience new growth, fresh ideas, mentorship, networking, and cutting edged strategies in legal marketing and management, then JOIN PILMMA and a PILMMA Mastermind, TODAY!

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