“If you are looking for tools and resources to better run your law firm as a successful business, this (PILMMA Mastermind) is the BEST group to be a part of.” -Erin Whittemore Lohmiller, Esq.

Erin, of The Whittemore Law Group in St Petersberg, Florida, joined a PILMMA Mastermind group approximately 6 months ago and is already seeing results in her own law firm!  While attending a PILMMA Mastermind Meeting in Las Vegas, she had this to say to anyone thinking about joining PILMMA:

If you are looking for tools and resources to better run your firm as a successful business, THIS IS THE BEST GROUP TO BE A PART OF!

Erin considers “hands-on tools to run your business” to be one of the biggest benefits she’s received by joining PILMMA!

Law school teaches us how to be lawyers, but it doesn’t teach us how to market and manage our firms. PILMMA is legal marketing and management by lawyers, for lawyers, and based on proven strategies and tactics that help you grow and manage your law firm ethically and without compromising excellent client representation!

To learn more about PILMMA, just go to www.pilmma.org

To find out more about our next big event:  The PILMMA 2019 Super Summit in New Orleans, June25-28,2019, including our special Mass Torts and Empowering Women to be Entrepreneurs program days in this year’s SUMMIT, just go to  www.pilmma.org/supersummit/.