5 Star Reviews– It’s the Secret Sauce for Google Relevance, Ranking and Credibility with Prospective Clients.

 It’s what we all want to see more of in our Law Practice- Isn’t it?

 Otherwise, we are just adrift in a sea of other law firms all clamoring for attention.

Without them, we are lost in the shuffle- and many of our ideal prospective clients just pass us by on the Internet freeway.

So, Here’s the Good News: Getting More 5 Star Reviews isn’t as hard as you might think

 but you can’t leave it up to your clients-

-even your happiest and most satisfied ones.

Once your clients get their settlement disbursement- even if they are thrilled with the results- they simply “forget” to take that next step and give your firm a 5-star Google review-


Ever wondered why some lawyers have thousands of these Golden-Ticket 5 Star Reviews? I’ll let you in on a secret-

It’s not that their clients are magically more satisfied with that law firm’s work. Not. At. All.

Here’s the Real Reason:

Successful Law Firm’s that Bank these 5-Star Beauties have a System in Place.

That’s Right- Success Law Firms put into place a Process that makes it as easy as possible for their happy clients to help them out –

They don’t just hope for more Reviews.

They make it happen– and you can, too!

Successful Personal Injury Law Firms have also figured out how to avoid a few Google pitfalls, too.

Pitfalls like Bad reviews- that crush credibility and result in unnecessary clean-up efforts – (if you get a bad review- respond asap- Don’t ignore it. You can’t erase it- You can’t respond in a way that gives away client confidences.  Don’t talk specifics about their case. Don’t go into excessive details. Just say you are sorry they had a less than 5-star experience, and that you deeply appreciate their feedback- and that you are deeply committed to giving every client an excellent experience. Then, move on.  

Your best defense is a strong offense- so focus on getting MORE great reviews than negative ones.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide for Building More Google 5- Star Reviews for Your Personal Injury Law Practice:

       This is a Simple System that You can put in place right now to start building your own steady stream of 5-Star Reviews-

Step 1) A Short Client Survey:   Start by creating a short, simple Client Survey- just a few short questions that you ask each client to answer once they get in your office at Settlement Disbursement.

               QUICK CLIENT SURVEY

  • Would You Recommend Us to Your Friends and Family? Yes? ____

      No _____

  • Why/Why not? ________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • Rate our Firm: o ******   

   o **** Great

   o ***      Good

   o **      OK

   o *       Bad

*** By filling out this form, you authorize our law firm to use these comments for Marketing Purposes.

  If you are settling the case electronically- you still want to make this short survey the first step in the Settlement Disbursement Process.

Why? You want to Strike while the iron is hot- To get their feedback ASAP- while they have their settlement money in their hand and your firm is their hero. Don’t wait. Just Don’t!

The Short Survey gives you 2 Very Important pieces of Information:

  • It will give you client comments that you can use as written client testimonials on your website and in your social media blasts- These are golden- and you can never have enough testimonials!!!
  • It will Alert you to someone who might be dissatisfied with your firm- and would give you a Bad Google Review- Better to Weed these Bad Apples out Up front- rather than be blind-sided and forced to play clean up after the fact with a negative Google Review)

Step 2) Help the 5-Star Clients PULL UP Your Firm’s Google Review Page- but NOT ON YOUR FIRM’s Internet IP ADDRESS!!!

       Once the client has completed the short survey- take a look at their comments right then.

       Let them know how much you appreciate this valuable feedback.

       If they have given you a 5-star Review on paper, then and ONLY THEN- do you want to take the next important step!

       While they are sitting there in your conference room- or by zoom if you are conducting a virtual disbursement conference- Let them know how much you value Google Reviews-

       Ask them if they would be willing to give your firm a 5-start review?  IF they say yes, then have them take out their phones on the spot and pull up your firms google my business page-

       Offer to do pull it up for them-



       Google recognizes when multiple reviews have the same IP Address, and it kicks them out- You don’t want to lose these valuable 5-star Reviews. So, make sure your client uses their own cell service to pull up your firm’s Google My Business!!!

Then, assist them as necessary- You can even offer to type their comment for them, based exactly by what they have already written down in the Short Client Survey.


And that’s IT-

A simple 2-Step Process for getting More 5 Star Reviews. 

Systems and Processes are the Key to Greater Law Firm Success, More Cases and More Great Testimonials and Reviews.

If you want to Grow Your Law Firm, then Identify and Systematize for Greater Results-

Success doesn’t happen by chance or Osmosis!

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