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It’s puppy time at our house. The big day!

For weeks we’ve been discussing adding a new little guy to the family. The puppy is really for my 6’6” teenager, who has longed for a puppy of his own for as long as I can remember (although I have a feeling he won’t be the only one on puppy duty….) There are so many options these days; Thanks to the internet, every conceivable breed is available for adoption or rescue.

After much debate, we finally settled on a Great Pyrenees – a huge, white, fluffy guy we’re naming “Moose.” If you’ve ever seen one of these large breed beauties, then you know why we’re excited. (Disclaimer: Dogs of every shape, size, breed, and background are wonderful, so I don’t mean to step on any toes here…)

Getting ready for a new puppy meant reading up on how to train this little ball of energy.  It’s been a long while since Ken or I have had to think about potty training – be it kids or dogs. But if you’ve ever trained a puppy then you know that affirmation, praise, and thanks are critical to your success. Puppies love praise. They thrive on it. And when they get it, they’re more likely to repeat the good behavior again. It’s how the process works.

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Man holds a leash dog on the nature

What’s all this got to do with law firm marketing?  Everything.

You see, people like praise, too. We all like to feel appreciated. We all like to have our efforts acknowledged. We all like to hear the words “thank you.”

With law firm marketing, Referrals are the name of the game. Digital Marketing is great, and in 2022 it’s vital to have a strong online presence. But, your marketing efforts should never focus exclusively on Google’s 3-pack, and Social Media Platforms. You have a veritable gold mine in your firm already – your clients.

Every single current and past client has the capacity to be a mini-marketer for your firm, if you take the time and make the effort.

Make sure your clients know how much you love Referrals. Place the phrase “We Love Referrals” on your email signature lines, on stickers that go on every client letter, and in your firm’s paper or digital newsletters and social media posts.

And here’s the kicker: Each and every time one of your present or past clients gives you a referral, thank them for their efforts. This is such a simple concept, but so easily overlooked in our zeal to amass the most online reviews and online leads.

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A close photo of a persons writing a letter with a pencil.

If you want your clients to refer clients to you again and again, year after year, then take the time and acknowledge their efforts with a hand-written thank you note. Referral Marketing is golden. It costs virtually nothing but can increase your signups exponentially. Intentional and strategic Referral Marketing efforts will give you a dramatic ROI, far greater than most digital efforts will ever do.

Think of the ripple effect of one drop of water in a pond.  One existing client can yield a dozen referrals, and every client they refer to you has the same capacity.  It’s why one of our 8-figure masterminds gets the majority of her new clients by Referrals from existing or past clients. ** When she first joined our Mastermind program, she heard Ken teaching about simple ways to systematically encourage referrals. Handwritten thank you notes and birthday cards, newsletters, etc. and she began immediately putting these kinds of touches in place. Now, she’s dominating not only her local market but her entire Region – and the vast majority of her clients come form Referrals, and not tv, radio or Internet marketing.

**Check out 8-Figure Mastermind Member, attorney Jan Dils’ story here.

Referral marketing is powerful marketing. 

Begin today thinking of ways to encourage Referrals in your law firm. And commit to personally thanking each and every person who gives you a referral.  Acknowledgment and praise- it works for puppies and people.


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