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How do you convert more website visitors into leads on your “FREE Consultation Page”?

You must demonstrate to the reader that you can help them achieve their desired end result.

It’s really as straightforward as that. Though, it is not simple.

Where do you start?

You need a free consultation page that helps the reader see how their future will be different when they hire you. You must answer the question: “Why should I hire you?” And it cannot be because you’ve got experience, have big results, or are “concerned about our clients.”

That’s what everyone says. So it’s not enough to simply say you care and you’re there to listen and help. Otherwise, the reader has no immediate reason to hire you.

The best tool for this is the free consultation page. This is the critical first step for a website visitor to becoming a client. It also happens to be the same thing every other lawyer advertises. It’s okay to offer a free consultation or evaluation. It’s just not okay if everything else on your page looks and sounds the same as every other lawyer.

In this Live Stream, Luke is going to cover:

  • 5 “Big Picture” Questions to Ask Yourself
  • 8 Pieces of Information that Should Be On Your Page
  • 9 Questions to Discover if Your Contact Form is Harming You
  • 4 Essential Design Elements

You’ll also get a downloadable PDF you can use.

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