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If you are a law firm owner trying to decide which legal conferences to attend this year, it can be a daunting task, given the myriad of current choices.   From a practical perspective, it’s not like you can simply put your law practice on hold while you fly across the country, attending one event after the other. With so many choices available to you, how can you differentiate?

Here are 7 Reasons to Attend PILMMA’s Super Summit, June 27-29, 2022, being held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Been There and Done That

1) Learn from Someone Who’s “Been There and Done That.”  PILMMA’s ( Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association) president and Founder, Ken Hardison, will  map-out what it takes to build a successful law practice in 2022. Ken has “Been there, Done That.“  He isn’t just a marketer. He is a real lawyer who built and sold two law firms, from the ground up, and shares his wealth of knowledge and real-life experience building successful law firms with you.

Marketing Strategy for Law Firm Owners

2) Gain Powerful Strategies for 2022 you won’t hear elsewhere: PILMMA’s Super Summit is 3 Days, Jampacked with Content from the Best and Brightest Minds in the Country, giving attendees Insights and Ideas you won’t hear anywhere else. Each presenter is hand-picked and the Content they share ( over 25 Speakers, and counting) will help law firm owners sign more cases in 2022, and stay up to date on the very latest strategies in legal marketing and management-.Here’s just a sample of what you’ll miss if you don’t attend:

*The SMART Marketing Strategy for Law Firm Owners- 5 Step GUIDE to Scalable and Successful Growth

* How to Stand Out on Social Media

* How to Leverage the Vertical Video War- using Tiktok, FB and YouTube

* How to turn Your Staff into Powerful Mini-Marketers

* The Need-to-Know Guide to Google’s Changing 3-Pack

* How to Create a Bulletproof Marketing Strategy for your Law Firm

* The top 10 Things I did to Compete with the 800 lb. Gorilla Law Firms

* How to Build Your Law firm’s Brand and Still Have a Life

*The 5 Keys to Scaling Your Law Firm for Dramatic Growth

* How to Create and Sustain an Amazing Law Firm Culture to Reduce Turnover and Increase Profits,

and much, much more….

Law Firm Culture

3) It’s a Powerful Networking Opportunity: Meet and Learn from the country’s savviest lawyers. Top producing successful lawyers with seven and eight figure incomes gather at the PILMMA Super Summit every year. This is your chance to meet up, exchange information with and create powerful referral alliances. You never know who you will meet!

successful lawyers

4) Gain Powerful Clarity and the  Secrets to Achieving More Security in an Insecure World but without 80 hour work weeks. Think about what you would do right now to double or even triple your income. Chances are, it involves working extra hours or hiring extra staff. But it doesn’t have to be that hard- PILMMA’s Super Summit gives you the opportunity to understand the processes and mindset shift they don’t teach you in law school, but that super successful lawyers use to experience exponential growth and greater freedom.

silver bullet

5) No Hyperbole. Many Summits and Conferences are designed to pitch an expensive “silver bullet-“ as if one simple strategy or package deal they are pushing is your complete answer to law firm success. If anyone promises their service or product is all you need for law firm growth and success, don’t believe it! Real Law firm success doesn’t work like that. It takes a combination of strategies implemented over time, varied to fit the changing marketplace and adapted to your firm’s unique standing in the market. Period. That’s why PILMMA’s Summit is designed to give you loads of Presentations over the course of 3 days- from a wide variety of Legal Marketing and Management Thought Leaders and Super Lawyers- It’s Real Content you can use when you get back to your office, and not one long strobe-lit sales pitch.


6) Strategies, Not Speeches. We Leave the Motivational Speeches for the other guys. In our experience working with thousands of lawyers all across the country, we know you aren’t short on motivation. It takes grit, focus and motivation to get through law school and then start to build your own law firm. You don’t need Motivational Speeches at this stage of the game. Law Firm Owners who are serious about law firm growth need Real, Cutting-Edged, and Proven Strategies- not hyped up pep-talks and motivational speeches.

PILMMA’s 100 Percent Iron -Clad Guarantee

7) PILMMA’s 100 Percent Iron -Clad Guarantee. We put all the risk squarely on our shoulders, not yours. If after the first day of the PIMMA Super Summit, you aren’t absolutely thrilled you came, we’ll give you a full refund, period. We will even reimburse your additional travel expenses up to $ 500 dollars, too. But guess what? In 13 years of hosting PILMMA ‘s Super Summit, we haven’t had one single lawyer ever ask for a refund . Not even one. Period. If you are Serious about Taking Your Firm to the Next Level and  ready to Learn the very latest Legal Marketing and Management Strategies to get you there 2022,then Join us in New Orleans, June 27-29, 2022 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for PIMMA’s 2022 Super Summit.

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