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Whether you’re running a single event campaign or expanding into a mass tort, you must know who your target audience is and how to reach them. If you do the research up front, you can make smart decisions at the earliest possible moment when you’re planning your marketing campaign. You might be surprised to see just how detailed you can get when you’re identifying your target. At Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, we use research tools that allow us to filter down to not only to demographics like location, gender, or age but also to specifics such as consumer behaviors and TV viewing habits. We can get very granular with the targeting. Here are a few sample targets we have used for certain single event practice areas.

Workers’ Comp Indexes: Target: Adults 21+, Blue-Collar or Construction Job and Have Had a Hospital Visit

Nursing Home Indexes: Target: Adults 35+, Shopped for Nursing Care/Assisted Living Facility

Personal Injury Indexes: Target: Adult 21+, Likely to Use a Personal Injury Attorney

When we’re at the earliest point of discussion with our clients, we talk about identifying the target audience and using data as a jumping off point to plan the campaign. We use the same strategy whether we’re running a mass tort campaign for a defective medical device or a single event campaign such as Workers’ Comp or Nursing Home. Once the campaign begins, we apply our business model to tweak and optimize, using trackable data and real-time results. However, it all begins with knowing your audience.

Check Out the Competition with Nielsen

Every market has at least one big player who seems to pop up on every channel or station. It may seem impossible to acquire cases when your competition’s name is plastered all over town but accessing and applying the right data can make you a serious contender.

The first step we take at CAMG is to perform competitive research with information we gather from Nielsen, which provides us with a good scope of the landscape in your market. We can gain invaluable answers to many questions from these reports: How much money is your competition running in your market? What stations are they advertising on most? In what dayparts are they running? What commercial lengths are they utilizing? Which practice areas? This greatly helps guide our media recommendation for you to stand out in your market.

Set Your Target with Scarborough

Once you have a good overview of your market, the next step is setting your target demographic based on your desired practice area. As we looked at earlier, you can narrow down your target quite specifically. At CAMG, we use data from Scarborough to build a target group with details. Once we’ve created the target group, we can hone in on this target’s most probable media consumption habits. This shows us the best areas and timeframes to place media. This approach brings us a high success rate of hitting the desired audience even before a campaign begins.

Let’s look at an example of a Nursing Home campaign. We set our target as Adults, 35+ who have shopped for Nursing Care/Assisted Living Facility in Jacksonville, Florida. We can use this report to determine which TV stations and programs this particular audience is most likely going to watch. The stations/programs with the highest index (highlighted) are the areas with the maximum likelihood for our target. The example below shows a Scarborough report based on the target criteria we used.

target audience


Keep an Eye on Creative with Kantar AdScope

Staying competitive in your market and practice area also requires watching what your competition is doing with their creative and messaging. At CAMG, we use Kantar AdScope to look at the competitor’s creative and messaging, as well as to look at spending in the legal advertising space. Monitoring a competitor’s creative helps us to shape a client’s strategy and message.

The Bottom Line

Determining and analyzing your target audience is a crucial component of planning successful marketing campaigns. In order to stay competitive in your market and practice area, you need to run efficient, response-driven campaigns that get the best results from your marketing dollars. Setting your target audience by using the most current research streamlines your approach to hit your directed audience, boosting your odds of success.

Our experienced media team at Consumer Attorney Marketing Group consumes comprehensive data regularly to fully understand target audiences in each single event practice area. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss how you can leverage what we know to reach your marketing goals.



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