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You work hard to make the phone ring and the last thing you need is to lose these valuable potential sign-ups.

But lose them you will unless you are monitoring and tracking your dropped calls.

In a perfect world, your Intake staff will promptly answer every single call that comes into your office.

But we all know that life isn’t perfect, is it?

Even the most dedicated intake staff will miss calls.

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And many callers aren’t big on patience. If they are put on hold for even a few minutes, many will simply hang up and call the next law firm on the list.

That’s just the way it is.

That’s why it’s important to be able to detect missed and dropped calls and have a process in place to return each and every missed/dropped call pronto.

TIP #1: CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR PHONE PROVIDER HAS SOFTWARE TO DETECT MISSED AND DROPPED CALLS. Then run a daily report and make sure your staff returns each call ASAP- within minutes if possible and never later than the end of the business day. 

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Being data-driven in this area will help you increase conversions and revenue.

There’s no substitute for the power of being data-driven in your marketing and intake.

 Know your numbers and then put measures in place to make sure every call is answered quickly, and every dropped caller is called back ASAP (within the day, if not the hour).

The same principle applies to prospects who reach out to your firm online. In fact, they are probably even more likely to move on to the next firm on their list if they don’t receive a text or call immediately.

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If you have a website chat bot or if your website is set up to roll inquiries directly to your intake, make sure you monitor the response times.

This is a critical area where it is easy to drop the ball, but weakness here means you are losing out on cases that should be yours.

If you don’t have a system in place that alerts your intake department to internet inquiries, make acquiring one a priority.

If you have systems in place, then monitor them daily.

If not, you are literally wasting your online marketing dollars and losing new cases to your competition.

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Tip #2: Make sure you have software in place that alerts your Intake Department to online inquiries, and that tracks your staff’s response time for each and every lead that makes contact with your firm. 

As a law firm owner in today’s market, you are inundated with competition. You are competing with the big national law firms, as well as the big-spending regional and local firms. All these firms are clamoring for new cases and ready to answer the prospect’s call or text if your firm drops the ball.

Don’t lose the war after you’ve won the first fight!

When a potential client has reached out to your firm, they are picking you above the sea of competition. Don’t let anything keep you from signing them up.

Be data-driven. Implement these two tips and you will see your sign-ups increase, without having to spend more marketing dollars.

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