What Clients and Members Have Said About PILMMA

Sean Olson

Olson Law Firm | Denver, CO

Willard Techmeier

Techmeier Law Firm

Ron Kramer

Kramer Law Group

Bert Parnall

Parnall Law

Ron Pollack

PollackSteinberg, LLP

Howard Spiva

Savannah, GA, Spiva Law Group

I have experienced many benefits from becoming a member of PILMMA. There is just so much knowledge there. I have learned so much…and there were so many things out there that I didn’t even know existed.

I would be nowhere near as successful as I am today if it had not been for PILMMA.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for meeting you and the other PILMMA members, well, I am not sure I would be in as good of shape as I am right now.

Increased Caseload At Least 30%

Since becoming a member, I can say that I have increased my caseload by at least 30%. In fact, managing the growth has been my biggest challenge right now. But that is a good problem to have. I am getting more cases, better cases, and all time high conversion rates!

Larry Disparti

Tampa, FL, Disparti Law Group

Frank Jenkins

Lexington, KY, Frank Jenkins Law Office

I have attended many PILMMA seminars over the years and I always leave with a better sense of what’s going on in the personal injury world outside of my practice area. It’s always great to see what other firms are doing to generate cases and I find this to be a great tool for looking outside of the box. PILMMA seminars are crucial to any personal injury attorney’s marketing plan and have always provided me with valuable knowledge and excellent ideas to implement into my firm’s own marketing strategy and recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet attended to try it out.

Bruce R. Millar

Atlanta, GA, Millar & Mixon LLC

George Sink

Charleston, SC, George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers

Melissa Emery

Emery Law Group

Grace Montealegre

James Murphy

Murphy Law Firm

The relationships that I have built with the other members and getting to share knowledge and experiences and all the fundamental stuff has been the best thing. The PILMMA members are a real quality group of people and I have really enjoyed meeting literally every one of them.

Ways To Expand Without All The Trouble

I have been doing this for nearly 30 years and I have always been a big marketer so I am at the point where I am not really looking to have another office, but PILMMA has introduced me to ways to expand my territory without all of the trouble of a satellite office, etc…

Helped Me Most With Intake Process

I think PILMMA has helped me most in the area of management. People don’t realize the importance of intake and to me that is one of the most important things in the world. The intake process, bringing in the case…I don’t think a lot of people appreciate and understand the importance of that. And I am in the minority again because I have lawyers take those calls.

David Gruber

Milwaukee, WI, Gruber Law Offices

Francis Jackson

Portland, Maine, Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law

Thank you for having us be part of PILMMA! I’ve been practicing and managing a law firm for 25 years. I started with 7 people and grew to 100 – so I thought I knew quite a bit about managing and marketing a law firm. My first PILMMA conference revealed how much I DIDN’T know. What a great experience on so many levels and again we look forward to a long relationship.

Samuel Pond

Philadelphia, PA, Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano

Gary Massey

Chattanooga, TN, Massey & Associates, PC

I attended the recent PILMMA seminar and found it to be educational, thought provoking and insightful. I would urge all attorneys who wish to not only be competitive, but who want to be in the forefront of marketing and development of their law practice to attend PILMMA’s seminar. I know I will continue attending.

John Haymond

Hartford, CT, Haymond Law

Justin Lovely

Lovely Law Firm

Ted Hendrie

Tooher Wocl & Leydon, LLC

Jossline Roland

Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya

Jim Adler

Houston, TX, Jim Adler & Associates

I have attended and participated in many lawyer marketing seminars including select private lawyer “mastermind” groups.

The members of Ken’s Mastermind Group are extraordinarily experienced and competent which is very refreshing. Mostly, they are willing to share their inner thoughts and materials.

I have learned more in one day which will more than pay for the cost of my involvement for the whole year, assuming I take action which is up to me.

This is a must for any lawyer serious about getting new cases both from new ideas and in successfully getting clients and past clients referrals for years to come.

Thank you kindly Ken and God Bless.

Randy Sevenish

Indianapolis, IN, Sevenish Law Firm

Gerry Oginski

Great Neck, NY, Lawyers Video Studio

By the way, I was skeptical about joining PILMMA over the years. I was even skeptical as I paid the money to join. However, after a couple of months as a Gold Member I am pleasantly impressed. The volume of materials, seminars, great ideas and etc. is phenomenal. Plus, the timing of the materials, seminars and ideas is about perfect in keeping me focused on growing my business. Thanks.

Mark Underwood

McKinney, TX, Underwood Law Offices

Russell Keener

Marietta, GA, The Keener Law Firm