Are you tired of putting out fires every day or working long hours every week trying to make your firm a success?

Are you frustrated, that despite your best efforts, your law firm isn’t seeing real growth and you aren’t seeing greater revenue?

Are you losing cases to mediocre competitors even though you get better results for your clients?

Each of PILMMA’s powerful programs gives you tools and strategies for exponential law firm growth!

For those wanting to improve marketing and management skills Self-guided training curriculums Webinars, resources, and templates.

For those wanting intensive and interactive professional coaching Lead by Ken Hardison Membership by application.

For savvy and successful lawyers looking for a “board of directors” for their firm  Quarterly in-person meetings  Membership by application.

PILMMA is for lawyers, by lawyers.

Founder Ken Hardison has been where you are.  He understands the challenges real lawyers face trying to practice law while working to build and grow a successful law practice. What Ken learned the hard way in building and then selling two 7-figure law firms he shares with PILMMA members so they don’t waste time and money through trial and error.

Find the membership level right for you.

No matter their firm’s size or level of sophistication, there’s a PILMMA membership that delivers powerful, innovative marketing and management solutions for our members. Use the grid below to determine the level right for you. And if you’re still unsure, take our free Five Stages of Law Firm Growth quiz.

You can’t put enough value on unlocking the information on things you never thought of before. We are creatures of habit, PILMMA allows us to break those habits in a judgment-free zone.

Jason Melton

Whittel & Melton, LLC Spring Hill, Florida

Read the monthly magazine, listen to the monthly calls/ recordings. Join a mastermind, attend the summit, use the resources. The value far exceeds the price.

Mark Petro

Petro Law Firm Birmingham, Alabama

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