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Let Ken Hardison take your marketing director from “newbie” to “hero” with this 19 lesson certification course. Ken downloads 32+ years of legal marketing knowledge into the brain of your law firm’s marketing staff!

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You should not like your law firm’s web site

Everyone says they like their law firm’s website, but for the wrong reasons. They should love it because of the results it gets with clients, not based on the reaction it gets from non-clients. magine that you’ve invested your money in marketing...

Coronavirus Survival Webinar Series: SBA Loans

Ken speaks with Jerret Prussin, CEO of SBA Funding, the largest legal lending brokerage firm in the U.S. Be sure to listen to the end as Jerret answers listeners' questions. UNMASK YOUR POTENTIAL Join us in New Orleans June 23-26 for PILMMAs 2020 Law Firm Growth...

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