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Being an Attorney Owned and Operated Firm, we understand your business better than anyone.

Why Book A Complimentary 35 Minute Strategy Session?

You’re working 80 hour weeks, burnt out and rarely see your family, not to mention don’t have time to vacation or use that boat you bought. Sure, leads are a problem, but don’t mean anything unless you have that extra time. PILMMA will get your 90 hours down to 35.

There are many “dazzling” and fly by the night marketing tactics which enable fluctuating case volume & firm revenue. Being on a financial rollercoaster is unsustainable, not to mention stressful and exhausting for you and your management team. PILMMA helps you with long term, explosive growth, not that fly-by-the-night stuff.

We are a boutique, elite community of attorneys only serving the best of the best. The top 2% of attorneys who have a track record of success. Our clients are HIGH LEVEL and looking to take things even further. Our membership is by application only and we don’t let everyone in. We are exclusive and because we take our clients seriously.

We hand select and WE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR COMPETITORS in. Each group we run is market exclusive, so you don’t have to worry about competition or sharing your secrets. In other programs your SAME competitors are learning what you learn.

Do you think marketers know the fundamentals to a PI law practice? Me neither. Many lead agencies are run by marketers and not Attorneys who have NOT built multiple successful 7 figure + law firms. This concerns us because marketers don’t necessarily have the expertise or education to guide you to make stable marketing decisions as they don’t fully understand your niche NOR what it takes to build a firm.

We’re so confident in the value and results we offer we stand behind our guarantee. If your revenue or case load doesn’t increase by 25% we will work with you until it does.

Let’s be clear, you are NOT hiring us to help you. We are your business partner. You are in our inner circle and we roll out the red carpet for our clients. You have full access to us and our team.

Not sure which package is right for you?

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The Elite isn’t for Everyone

This mastermind is an investment, and you’ll have to be ready to grow your firm. If you think you know everything and aren’t interested in feedback this isn’t for you.


We love helping attorneys who are already at the $300k+ and those are the attorneys that are already in the Elite few. We are also highly committed to our current members by keeping our standards high and only bringing in the best. 

Our Ideal Firm …

Has employees on their team.

Wants to build something amazing, and be around amazing firm owners.

Is doing at least 300k in annual revenue, even though many members are well above the million mark.

Is open to new ideas and executing fast.


An exclusive mastermind with an exclusive, yet competitive, price tag! The investment to join the Mastermind pales in comparison to the returns you will likely see. It’s an investment in your business development and your firm’s future. It’s 100% FREE to apply and if you qualify, we’ll share the investment details on your call.

Results like these are the rule

Not the EXCEPTION for PILMMA Members

ken taniaCROP

Myself and my wife Tiana (who is also an Attorney) invite you to a complimentary 35-minute session with our team with two outcomes in mind:

We will give you a couple solid strategies you can walk away from our session and put into play immediately, that will dramatically impact your bottom line. If you don’t believe me you can see the results on this page.

At the end of the call if you feel you’ve gotten extraordinary value and we feel you’re a match for one of our masterminds we will see if you’re a fit for one of our elite level programs.

Because you’re on this page, we know…

You are exceptional, and top tier at what you do. You make an impact with your cases, team, and are always taking actions to be a leader in your industry.

You are having to micro-manage – because you hire people but they don’t always stay or you’ve tried to delegate before but it hasn’t always worked so well.

In this complimentary advisory session we take an in-depth look at your practice and give you specific marketing guidance – not some wishy-washy, cookie-cutter lingo. Nor do we build things up for 40 minutes and leave you needing to buy our stuff to get any value. We aren’t like that, we’re straight shooters.


Kenneth Kitay | PA PI Attorney

“I’ve been practicing law for 26 years. I wouldn’t delay another minute in becoming part of Ken Hardison’s PILMMA. I’ve tried numerous marketing programs over the years. While many have some good ideas, none come close to what Ken Hardison has put together. I welcome you to call me directly if you have questions: 610-633-3425.”

Here’s how to apply

Ken Hardison


KEN HARDISON is known as the “Millionaire Maker” for a reason. He’s helped lawyers across the country double, triple, or quadruple their law practices and income! He brings to law firm owners the insights, knowledge, and critical strategies of Legal Marketing and Management that can only be learned in the trenches of real law firm success.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Ken has personally grown and sold two 7-figure law firms and shares his real-life knowledge and experience with other attorneys, helping them experience exponential growth, increased profits, and ethical market preeminence.

With a passion and deep understanding of both grass roots and cutting-edged online legal marketing strategies , Ken is committed to helping lawyers experience greater levels of financial success, freedom and personal satisfaction- the kind that comes from building an ethical and exceptional law practice. Focusing on the practical and the proven, rather than the cerebral, Ken guides lawyers through the steps needed to build the law practice many lawyers have only dreamed possible.

Ken is the Founder of PILMMA, Powerful Innovative Legal Marketing and Management Association, an organization dedicated to helping lawyers learn the critical strategies to success. As a trusted advisor, consultant, coach, and Mastermind mentor, Ken has coached lawyers to greater success time and time again.

PILMMA’s powerful live and virtual events, such as the ever popular Law Firm Super Summits and Internet Domination Boot Camps have helped hundreds of lawyers gain the insights and strategies they need to propel their firms forward to greater success and exponential results and to stay current on the latest legal management and marketing strategies, such as leveraging SEO, PPC, PPL, Social Media , etc.

Ken is the author of numerous best-selling books such as Systematic Marketing, Under Promise, Over Deliver and his latest book, Powerful Online Legal Marketing. Known for his practical and engaging style of taking the complicated world of legal marketing and management and giving clarity and step by step guides, Ken helps lawyers experience real results, greater profits, transformational growth, and heightened success.

1. Fill Out The Application

PILMMA is a group of handpicked, elite attorneys, so we’re picky about who we let in. Fill out the application below. We want to make sure you’re a good fit for us, and we are a good fit for you.

2. Speak to Us
If we feel you’d be a good fit to the Mastermind, we will reach out to schedule a call with you. If you don’t qualify for the Mastermind, my team will offer you resources and a solid direction for next steps.
3. The Invitation

If you’re accepted into the PILMMA Mastermind, you’ll join an intimate group of no more than 9 other firm owners. Every member is successful and has a wealth of knowledge. We screen for competition, so no one in your group will compete. You’ll get direct access to me and my team as well as years worth of coveted resources.

Next Step

To book your FREE, 35 minute advisory session with our team, please fill out the form below.

Our team will get back to you within 24 hours with 3 appointment options.


Justin Lovely | PI Attorney

“The Mastermind experience has been the best financial decision we have made.”


Matt Dubin | PI Attorney

“PILMMA is a game-changer. For those law firms who think they can’t compete against the mega-firms, THINK AGAIN. You can compete and you can grow. Join PILMMA and find out how.”