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Even before I joined PILMMA, I saw the benefits of PILMMA.  I attended the PILMMA yearly meeting and was able to network with other attorneys in my area who referred cases to me.  After joining PILMMA’s Mastermind, my firm grew by 300%.  My case load tripled.  I had to hire more staff.  The firm’s income more than tripled.  The ideas shared at the Mastermind helped avoid potential pitfalls and alleviate others.  The network of attorneys helped build strong referral sources.  I do not know where my firm would be today with PILMMA.” 

Janelle Bailey

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​Billionaire tycoon Andrew Carnegie credited his immense fortune to his Mastermind group. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had their own Mastermind groups, too. They understood the power of having an “inner circle” of other highly successful business owners.

For over a decade law firm owners in PILMMA’s Mastermind Groups have seen and experienced the Mastermind Effect for themselves and it’s  why our groups continue to grow. 

Imagine what you can learn when you are seated around the table with other successful lawyers from across the country who are willing to freely and openly share with you what is working and not working within their own practices, both in legal marketing and in management. 

Imagine the time and money this could save you, and how much faster you could grow if you could avoid the expensive and time consuming process of law firm growth by trial and error. 

I’m Ken Hardison

And I’ve been where you are…

It’s not easy practicing law and trying to grow your law firm. There are so many marketing companies promising you the moon but not giving you real results. And trying to grow your firm on your own means years of trial and error, trying one strategy – one vendor – one tactic after another. It takes loads of time, money, and pure luck, too. 

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But it doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. 

PILMMA Mastermind Groups give you the unique advantage of piggybacking on the knowledge and expertise of other successful lawyers so you can jump start your firm’s growth without wasting time and money going down rabbit holes. 

Here’s the truth… There isn’t one single golden nugget that will catapult your firm to exponential growth.

PILMMA’s Mastermind Groups will give you the opportunity to experience real and dramatic law firm growth, because our groups are results driven. We’re the gold standard in Legal Masterminds for a reason.

So the big questions is – If not now, WHEN?


An exclusive mastermind with an exclusive, yet competitive, price tag! The investment to join the Mastermind pales in comparison to the returns you will likely see. It’s an investment in your business development and your firm’s future. It’s 100% FREE to apply and if you qualify, we’ll share the investment details on your call.

Don’t Take Our Word For It: Your Exponential Growth is Just 1 Membership Away

Not the EXCEPTION for PILMMA Members

How do Masterminds Work?

Upcoming Mastermind Meeting Locations

Key West, Florida

Ashville, North Carolina

Lake Tahoe, California

Cabo, Mexico


Chicago, Illinois

Costa Rica

Charleston, South Carolina

San Diego, Califonia

Nashville, Tennessee

Cayman Islands

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11 Reasons You Should Join a Mastermind

Become part of an exclusive community.

Gain access to a genuinely interested and valuable support network.


Experience synergy with other members allowing you to get things done that you never thought possible.

Gain new perspectives on things you may have thought about, but never got serious about.

Receive honest feedback, advice and invaluable brainstorming from similarly-situated individuals.

Become better able to eliminate blindspots and able to create shortcuts to success because you are learning from other's mistakes and not wasting time and money in trial and error.

Become able to leverage your experience, and the skills of all other Mastermind members. Imaging having 10x the individual brainpower, laser-focused on finding solutions to your firm's challenges.

Become inspired to tackle projects, and goals that you once thought were unattainable.

Gain clarity in areas that were previously blurry by virtue of the insights and perspective of fresh, unbiased minds.

Establish new habits for success and experience faster implementation because of the friendly accountability.

“Mastermind Membership pays for itself maNy times over.”

Matt Dubin

The Mastermind experience has been the best financial decision we have made.
Justin Lovely

PI Attorney, Myrtle Beach, SC

I have been a loyal PILMMA Mastermind member for the last 10 years and have quadrupled my practice!

Jan Dils

PI & SS Attorney, Vienna, WV

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All PILMMA Mastermind Groups are Market Exclusive, so no other lawyers in your area can be in your group.

Groups are divided into 3 Levels:

Platinum Groups (For Law Firms between 300K and 2 Million in Gross Revenue) 

Rhodium Groups  (For Law Firms between 2 – 10 Million in Gross Revenue)  

8-Figure Groups  (For Law Firms with over 10 Million in Gross Revenue)  

Mastermind Benefits:   

Complimentary Gold Membership, including all our PILMMA Gold Benefits

24/7 Members-Only Attorney Listserv

PILMMA Insiders Journal Monthly Subscription (Print + Digital Copy)

Live Monthly Intake Training for Staff (Zoom)

Live Monthly Marketing Roundtables (Zoom)

Live Monthly Management Roundtables (Zoom)

Monthly New Member Coaching Call with Ken

Monthly Q + A with Ken (Zoom)

Access to Member Resources + Law Firm Growth Modules

Steep discounts on all PILMMA Live and Live Streamed Events (including annual PILMMA Super Summit)

3 Two-day Live Meetings