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The Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

In this weekly series, Grow Your Law Firm podcast, legal marketing master and host Ken Hardison shares his own hard-won insights and those of his expert guests to provide you with tools and strategies to grow your firm and increase your profits.

Ken “The Millionaire Maker” Hardison has nearly 40 years of experience in the legal industry and more than a decade of experience helping attorneys build and grow their own practices. Ken is also the founder and President of PILMMA. His goal is to help lawyers and their firms make the leap to the next level, increase profits, minimize stress, and have a more balanced life. He will teach you how to leverage top legal marketing and management skills… the kind of real-world skills they don’t teach in law school.

With a diverse array of guests including some of the top legal minds, experts and thought leaders in the country, the Grow Your Law Firm podcast offers incredible insights and cutting edge marketing and management strategies. These strategies are designed to take your firm to the next level and beyond!

Episode 21: Refining Your Messaging, with Tom Trush

Since October 2001, direct-response copywriter, author, and seminar speaker Tom Trush has been writing marketing materials that give entrepreneurs and executives in more than 120 industries an alternative to the typical corporate nonsense that makes most outreach efforts useless. From website content and direct mail to special reports and email campaigns, Tom shows clients how… Read More »

Episode 18: Law Firm-Friendly Digital Marketing, with Jay Ruane

Jay Ruane is a nationally recognized expert in digital and social media marketing for lawyers. In addition, he is an Amazon best selling author in the Law Practice Management category. When Jay was a kid, his father was a local criminal defense lawyer. Jay watched him go to work every day defending the rights of… Read More »

Episode 16: CRM Software and Law Firm Automation, with Kelsey Bratcher

Kelsey Bratcher is the host of the Get Automated Podcast, where he chats with business owners and entrepreneurs about the ways they grow and automate their businesses. He is the Co-Founder of Automatic Practice Profits, a marketing agency for Regenerative Medicine clinics all over the US that offers a Done For You new patient acquisition… Read More »

Episode 14: Strategies for Successful Online Marketing, with Tanner Jones

As the Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, Tanner Jones oversees all business development opportunities for Consultwebs and their clients. He has the privilege of speaking with virtually every law firm that contacts Consultwebs and working with them to determine how they may accomplish their digital marketing goals. Tanner frequently shares his insights on… Read More »

Episode 12: Building and Keeping a Great Team, with Bertrand Parnall

Ever since launching Parnall Law Firm, LLC in 2009, Bertrand Parnall has focused on trying to make lives better for people who have been injured through no fault of their own. He ultimately joined forces with attorney Alan Malott, representing victims. When Malott was named to a judgeship on the Second Judicial District Court in… Read More »

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