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The Grow Your Law Firm Podcast

In this weekly series, Grow Your Law Firm podcast, legal marketing master and host Ken Hardison shares his own hard-won insights and those of his expert guests to provide you with tools and strategies to grow your firm and increase your profits.

Ken “The Millionaire Maker” Hardison has nearly 40 years of experience in the legal industry and more than a decade of experience helping attorneys build and grow their own practices. Ken is also the founder and President of PILMMA. His goal is to help lawyers and their firms make the leap to the next level, increase profits, minimize stress, and have a more balanced life. He will teach you how to leverage top legal marketing and management skills… the kind of real-world skills they don’t teach in law school.

With a diverse array of guests including some of the top legal minds, experts and thought leaders in the country, the Grow Your Law Firm podcast offers incredible insights and cutting edge marketing and management strategies. These strategies are designed to take your firm to the next level and beyond!

Episode 98: Structure Your Firm Correctly To Obtain Success, With Jim Adler

Structure Your Firm Correctly To Obtain Success, With Jim Adler  Famously known as “The Texas Hammer” and “The Hammer Lawyer,” personal injury attorney, Jim Adler, has been hammering for car accident victims for over 40 years, championing “the little guy” against big corporations and big insurance companies which would deny their legal rights.That mission is why he… Read More »

Episode 96: Empathy And Compassion Should Be Your Core Values, with Eric Fong

Eric Fong lives for the adrenalin only a courtroom provides.  With over 100 civil and criminal jury trials under his belt, he is recognized as an innovator of creative trial work. Eric protected low-income housing residents of WA State against oppressive crime control measures, creating the constitutional right to intimate association. His $91,000,000 verdict is… Read More »

Episode 94: Beyond Se Habla Español, with Liel Levy

Welcome to episode 94 of Grow Your Law Firm with Ken Hardison. This week Ken sits down with Liel Levy and they discuss Liel’s thoughts on how exactly attorneys should think about connecting with, and marketing to, the Hispanic community within the U.S. Liel Levy is the Head of Partnerships at Nanato Media, and the co-host of In Camera Podcast, a… Read More »

Episode 93: Marketing Secrets From a Mega Firm, with Bill Pintas

Marketing Secrets From a Mega Firm, with Bill Pintas William Pintas gained his decades of legal experience by heading up one of the largest personal injury partnering firms in North America, which has represented more than 30,000 active clients and has worked closely with more than 400 law firms. The practice includes the representation of… Read More »

Episode 92: Making Your Law Firm “Fireproof”, with Mike Morse

Making Your Law Firm “Fireproof”, with Mike Morse Attorney Mike Morse owns and operates Michigan’s largest personal injury firm specializing in car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases.  He founded the firm in 1995 and has led his team of 150 legal professionals in winning over one billion dollars for his clients.    Mike travels across the… Read More »

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