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In this 50-minute presentation, PILMMA Founder and President Ken Hardison discuss seven things that might be stifling your law firm’s growth. Register below for free access.

The Mastermind Effect


A Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group whose purpose is to help each individual member solve his or her problems with input and advice from the other group members. There are many reasons why you should consider joining a Mastermind group.


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Do You Know Your Numbers

Ken Hardison shares what three numbers are absolutely necessary to grow your law firm.1 00:00:00,420 --> 00:00:01,080 All right. 2 00:00:01,140 --> 00:00:03,720 Well, today I want to talk to you about numbers. 3 00:00:03,910 --> 00:00:06,750 And I was thinking about...

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Google Local Service Ads: What Legal Marketers Need to Know

Matt Smyers of Consultwebs walks attendees through the latest developments with the new Google Service Ads for law firms.Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks so much for having us. We're excited to be here today to talk to you about Google local services, ads, platform,...

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Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier for Legal Marketers

If you haven’t begun to integrate AI into your law firm’s marketing strategy, make it a priority in the coming year. Despite all the hype, it’s still the early days of the artificial intelligence boom, and you’ll gain a distinct advantage over the competition by...

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Mass Tort Update from the Experts

Steve Smith, Andrew Johnson, Don Worley and Jim Onder prvide listeners with an update on what's happening in the world of mass torts.TRANSCRIPT 7 00:01:31.410 --> 00:01:42.120 Steve Smith: So hello everybody. It's a pleasure to be on here when we were discussing...

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Best Practices for Reopening Your Law Firm During COVID-19

Ken Hardison is joined by PILMMA member Tom Pivnivkney, Tiana Hardison, and Alan Crone to discuss putting your office back to work.Audio Transcript 1 00:00:07.799 --> 00:00:13.980 Ken Hardison: Well hello everyone. This is Ken Hardison and welcome to this week's...

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