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Hi, my name is Eva Blazejewski? This is my partner, Heather Hansen. We have a two-attorney firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we have been open for four years now. We started the SAC program about three months ago, and it was really to get organized and, have some structure to our marketing plan and how we run the office, not only marketing but the structure and the day to day flow of our procedures and the office.

PILMMA’s Strategic Attorney Coaching Program

And, uh, it’s been very helpful in getting us organized and keeping us accountable, as far as having some kind of goals and some kind of structure to what we’re doing to get more cases. We had really taken sort of a shotgun approach to marketing and sort of a scattered approach to growing our firm over the course of the last three and a half, four years. And so we joined the Strategic Attorney Coaching program to help give us some structure and some guidance in terms of our goal setting and how to meet our goals in a really structured and incremental way. So what SAC has done for us is to help us really hone in on what we see as our goals in the next year, the next three years, the next five years, how we want to grow our firm and how we’re going to get there.

And Ken has been very good about being accessible and reaching out to us and also being there if we have any questions, he always responds. He’s always making time for us as new members to get us on track and, and focused in on important things. And we’ve run things by him and he’s always there to offer his time in and opinion about what we should be doing and, and what we shouldn’t be doing. And one thing that I will say about Ken in particular: we had met Ken a few years ago through another attorney in the community a former employer of ours actually and really it just connected with him, liked him. He’s got a real, no-nonsense approach to building a law firm. And so, you know, he never blows smoke. He never tells us that we have a good idea when we don’t really have a good idea. If something we’ve come up with is crap he just tells us. He tells it like it is, and we really need that kind of feedback and guidance because we’re lawyers, we’re not marketing folks. We’re not business people. And Ken really keeps us on track. Yeah. He’s not always a cheerleader, although he is if he really believes in something.

So, like Heather said, he will tell you the truth about what he thinks you should be doing or should not be doing and offers his opinion freely. And that’s good. You don’t always need a cheerleader. You need someone to tell you how it is. He’s also provided us with books. He sends us books periodically about habits or personality traits or, leadership books that, that just kind of help out to, to center yourself and figure out why you’re doing this, to begin with.