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The Nature of Work by Barney Barnhard

  • February 22, 2017 | By Ken Hardison
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When I visit a law firm and their staff, I commonly encounter the same notions and beliefs about professional work. The attorneys will tell me that every case is different. There are different facts, circumstances, personalities, judges, insurance companies, etc....

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5 Local SEO Hacks Your Competitors Would Kill to Know with Podium

  • February 16, 2017 | By Ken Hardison
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Because Google is constantly changing and updating its local search algorithm it can be difficult to stay on top of it. Even worse, chasing after these updates can cause us to lose track of the core foundation that make up...

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Why I Use Refrigerator Magnets (And Maybe You Should Too)

  • February 15, 2017 | By Ken Hardison
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When you spend a lifetime in a community, you “just know” who you need to ask to solve a problem, whether your car needs repairing or your water heater has broken down. I spent most of my life living in...

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5 Ways Attorneys Attract Better Clients & Cases with Story Telling w/ Michael Mogill

  • February 9, 2017 | By Ken Hardison
Leverage Your Storytelling
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Let's face it --- if you're not using video to connect with potential clients and promote your law firm, you’re losing money to attorneys who are. By popular demand, in this week's FREE jam-packed webinar we'll show you how to...

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Become an Expert in Six Months by Micki Love

  • February 1, 2017 | By Ken Hardison
Become an Expert in 6 Months
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Earl Nightingale, a famous author, famously said:  If you spend 30 minutes – every day – learning about one specific subject, you’ll become a legitimate expert in six months.  It’s a new year, so if you apply yourself and follow...

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