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Right now, it’s war at our house. Period. It’s us against the ducks. Ducks are sweet looking. Ducks are cute- when they’re swimming in ponds at the park- or waddling across the road. They make us feel warm and fuzzy- until they’re swimming in your pool.

This morning while sipping my coffee and enjoying the stillness along the Intercoastal Waterway I heard an innocent sounding splash. I rose to see what had caused this disturbance in my morning solitude- and there they were- Those d#%$ ducks. For the last week, every single morning- like clockwork, there they are, swimming in my pool. I’ve yelled at them, thrown seashells at them- even dropped a stainless-steel bowl down on them. All to no avail. They just keep coming back. Why????

Because I’ve got something they want.

I live along the Intercoastal Waterway of South Carolina. Those ducks have plenty of native natural waters to glide through.  Why are they taking over my backyard pool? This morning I finally realized the attraction: My pool is heated. (That’s right, Ken and I are unabashed wimps when it comes to cold water swims- so we start heating our pool in the spring and splash happily in our backyard bathtub. At least we did, until the ducks arrived.)

What’s this got to do with marketing?  Simple: The ducks keep coming back to us because we have something they want.

 If you want prospective clients to find you and keep coming back to you until they sign on the dotted line, you’ve got to offer something they want. Plain and simple.

Right now, the literal and digital landscape is saturated with law firms- from small mom- and -pop operations to 800 lb. national gorilla firms, and every firm in between. If you want these prospects to find you and sign with your firm, you’ve got to offer something the other firms don’t. You’ve got to provide messaging that gives your prospects what they want.

Put yourself in the mind of a prospective client.

What is keeping them up at night?

What are their questions? Their concerns?

Craft your firm’s messaging- your social media posts, videos, free e-books, reports, and other lead magnets around those questions.

The ducks in my neck of the woods want warm water. I’ve got it and so they come every morning to get it.

Start thinking about the burning questions and concerns your prospects have and start posting content that gives them the answers they’re looking for.

If you aren’t sure what their concerns are, then have your intake staff and case managers keep a legal pad on their desks and get them to write down the questions people are asking when they call your office, and the concerns they raise in initial consults. You do the same.

Use that real-life info to craft messaging that gets at the heart of what real prospective clients are concerned about. When you start giving them what they want, you’ll find them coming back to you.  Unlike our duck dilemma, getting more clients is a good thing.

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