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Since 2018, the number of firm respondents that indicated having a website has climbed from 77% to 94% in 2021. It’s clear that many are jumping on this bandwagon in order to generate and convert leads. When speaking of online lead generation, a perfect landing page is the most important element.

Law firm landing pages are personalized web pages created for your online advertising campaigns. These pages are specifically created to help generate leads, sales, conversions, or make the visitor take your desired action. A user encounters a landing page after clicking an ad.

However, your advertising efforts may go to waste if your landing pages don’t capture the attention of the visitor. In order to get the desired results, these tailor-made pages should answer the pain points of a user and offer real value.

How can you do that? Below are the top four ingredients to create a perfect law firm landing page.

4 Secret Ingredients to Build the Perfect Law Firm Landing Page:

Create an Irresistible Headline to Hook Prospects

According to Forbes, you’ve only seven seconds to convert a prospect. And the headline is the first thing a visitor will see on your landing page. It means that your headline or title should be compelling enough to make the user read the whole copy. A good copywriter usually does this work, but your law-related input can prove pivotal.

Your headlines should be specific and show a sense of urgency. Moreover, don’t forget to use your main keyword while creating interest through emotions. This is to ensure that your page has clarity of what you’re offering.

For instance, check this headline of Jennings’ landing page below. The headline clearly targets people looking for an affordable family lawyer in Calgary.

Law firm landing pages

How do good headlines help convert? MarketingSherpa reports 90% of readers who read the headline also read the call to action (CTA). Imagine having so many readers reaching the CTA and potentially converting into your law firm’s clients.

Besides the main headline, the subheadline and other subheads also play a role in making the reader stick longer than usual. They break down the content into relevant and easily readable pieces. The subheadings must define the original idea behind the landing page.

Include Visuals to Upscale Conversions

Images are the most powerful tool to capture attention. They serve the dual purpose of catching attention and delivering the message.

Pictures with faces tend to increase CTR by 66%. It’s natural for humans to focus on a face and its gaze. Furthermore, images with less text convert 52% more than those with a lot of text. So, make sure to add personalized images without clutter to land more clients.

You can use an image of your lawyers or your team. If you’re a solo practitioner, then you can add your picture. If you’re a small practice, add photos of the main lawyer. When adding images, you want to make sure that the background is clean, attractive, and relevant.

Law firm landing pages

In addition to photos, you can also consider adding a video to your law firm’s landing page. Including high-quality videos can increase conversion by up to 86%. This is surprisingly high, but why does it have such a strong impact? Because videos give the message that prospects are not dealing with robots but real professionals.

Law firm landing pages

A customized video that addresses the main issues of your prospects and a formal introduction of the whole team might be a good idea. However, you can always be creative and play with ideas.

We recommend hiring professional legal content experts for the video script and the video itself.

Add Multiple Calls to Action to Make the Offer

You may think of adding a single call to action or method of prospects contacting you throughout the landing page. However, during our experiment and research, we’ve found that multiple calls to action can provide better results. That’s because your prospects have different choices- some prefer to call you, some like to have a live chat, and others may want to fill out a form.

It’s better to have at least 2 or 3 calls to action. Too few may convert fewer visitors and too many may overwhelm them to take any action.


A phone number in the header and a form visible throughout the landing page are preferable CTAs for law firms. A phone number encourages direct calls while a contact form allows you to collect necessary information of your prospects for follow up.

Your form should be simple, asking for basic details like name, email, phone number, and message. Avoid splitting the name field into first and last name fields as it not only makes your form look bigger but users may find it inconvenient as well. Keep it simple and easy for people to contact you.

testimonials on your landing pages

Add Testimonials and Reviews to Gain Prospect’s Confidence

Using testimonials on your landing pages can help increase the user’s trust and confidence in your law firm. People like to do business with other people. 60% of users believe that reviews are an authentic form of content, and this is why 36% of high-converting landing pages have testimonials.

There are multiple ways to add testimonials and reviews, such as text, screenshots, or videos. You should add at least three testimonials from your real clients.

Moreover, businesses with referral programs see a 71% higher conversion rate. So, you may consider adding testimonials with the contact information of your clients. This improves your credibility and creates a snowball impact of referrals. However, you must seek the client’s permission and check in with the legal marketing rules in your state before adding contact details with testimonials. Else, you might end up in a legal battle.

In addition to this, consider adding 5-star ratings in the header from trusted sites like Google and high-authority legal directories such as Avvo, Findlaw, Justia, and more. This will give visitors a message that they can trust your law firm.


The highest-converting legal landing pages are customized and work hand-in-hand with the unique psychology behind them. With the help of winning headlines, informative subheadings, authentic testimonials, and attractive visuals you can create a flawless page that boosts your conversions.

Besides implementing this epic strategy, don’t forget to test your landing page before publishing to evaluate its effectiveness. It’s important to make changes wherever necessary and retest the page until you’re happy with the results.

If you want to continuously get the results without the headache of having to do it all yourself, it’s possible! With our team of legal content experts, you can rest assured that you’re all taken care of – see how it works.