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In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, social media platforms have become essential marketing tools for businesses across various industries, including the legal field. Among these platforms, Instagram stands out for its dynamic and visually engaging content format: Reels. This short-form video platform has changed the social media game by using AI in the form of personalized algorithms that show your Reels to viewers that the algorithm deems already likely to engage with your content – regardless of whether or not those viewers already follow you.

Before Reels, many of us posted still image after still image to Instagram, clogged our captions with hashtags, crossed our fingers and hoped that our posts would generate enough traction to reach our intended audience (and maybe even end up on the “Explore” page if we were lucky).

Now, as Instagram’s algorithms are pushing Reels in order to compete with TikTok, you have the opportunity with every single Reel to expand your reach well beyond those who already follow you, significantly driving up post engagement – as well as your chances of scoring leads.  

According to the Forbes 2023 Social Media Statistics report[1],

“​​the most engaging type of content on social media is short-form videos (reels). Both brevity and authenticity are winning the day on social media, with short-form videos—typically less than a minute in length—capturing the attention of 66% of consumers.”

[1] Wong, Belle. Forbes. (2023, May 18). Social Media Statistics: An Updated Look at Platforms, Users and Advertising in 2023. Retrieved from,5.85%20billion%20users%20by%202027.

Thus, by incorporating Instagram Reels into your law firm’s marketing strategy, you can effectively capture attention, build brand awareness, share educational content, and engage with your target audience more effectively and successfully than before, when content was primarily still images.

Let’s explore how to get started with Instagram Reels – and leverage its power to propel your law firm’s marketing efforts to new heights.

6 REELS Best Practices for Law Firms

  1. Setting the Stage: To get started, you need to create a business account on Instagram (if you haven’t already) and optimize it for success. Customize your profile by adding a professional profile picture and a compelling bio that highlights your law firm’s unique selling points. In your Reels, you’ll be referring viewers back to your bio to explore your resources and contact you, so ensure that your contact information is easily accessible to potential clients via a working link (or linktree) in your bio.
  2. Crafting Engaging Content: Instagram Reels provide an opportunity to showcase your expertise and establish your law firm as a thought leader in the legal field. Develop content ideas that address common legal questions, provide tips, or explain complex legal concepts in a simplified manner. Use Reels as an opportunity to educate! But remember to keep your videos concise, visually appealing, and informative to captivate and hold your audience’s attention.
  3. Showcasing Authenticity: Authenticity plays a crucial role in connecting with your audience. Use Instagram Reels to offer a glimpse into the daily life of your law firm. Show your audience that you’re human – that you can relate and connect with them! Share behind-the-scenes footage, introduce your team members, or showcase community involvement. By using short-form video to humanize your brand, you create a sense of trust and relatability among potential clients.
  4. Trending Challenges, Audio, + Hashtags: Stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram trends and leverage them to boost your visibility. Participating in popular challenges, incorporating trending audio, and using a few (read: less than 5!) choice hashtags can help your law firm reach a wider audience and increase engagement, as the algorithms boost content that is currently trending. However, it’s important to ensure that the trends in which you participate align with your brand values. You should never feel the need to compromise your values in order to increase views, as building trust and authenticity is more important than simply securing high viewage.
  5. Generating Text in the App: In order to boost your views and help the algorithm identify the type of content you’re creating (and to whom they should show your content), generate the text within your videos in the Instagram or Facebook app as much as possible. When you create captions or text overlays outside of the app you’re posting from itself, you make it harder for the algorithm to pick up important keywords that help categorize the content you’re creating.
  6. Call-to-Action and Engagement: Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your viewers and convert them into potential clients. Encourage viewers to comment, ask questions, and engage with your Reels as you would any other content form. Respond to comments promptly, provide valuable insights, and direct interested individuals to your website or contact information for further assistance.

Bottom line: If you aren’t leveraging Reels as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing a prime opportunity to expand your reach – with little to no ad spend.

Start using these tips today to help you create engaging short-form videos – that drive digital engagement, build your firm’s brand and help you sign MORE cases!

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