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Join us for these upcoming events!

Management Mastery Workshop
March 20–22, 2019 | Durham, NC

In this Management Mastery Class, you’ll learn how to build and implement the Management systems needed to create a high-performance team in your law firm…allowing you to grow your firm FASTER & EASIER than ever before! For more information, visit PILMMA Management Mastery Class.

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2019 Super Summit
June 25-28, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Aren’t you tired of these supposed gurus trying to lure you to their event with celebrity speakers who have never practiced a day of law in their life? Their events are a lot of hype but not much when it comes to substance.

If you’re nervous about: Getting More Cases, Making Large Profits, and Working Less Hours then… PILMMA’s 2019 Super Summit is the place for you! Visit PILMMA 2019 Super Summit.

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