Episode 54:

Allison Williams is the owner of not one, but two companies. Not only does she own Williams Law Group, a multi-million dollar law firm focused in matrimonial and family law, with an emphasis on complex Child Welfare matters which she scaled by 856% in four years, but she went on to take the skills that she learned in that journey to start a second business, Law Firm Mentor, where she provides business coaching services for Solo and Small Law Firm attorneys helping them grow their revenues, crush chaos in business and make more money.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Allison shares her background story and how she transitioned her work in child abuse cases into starting her own firm
  • How working 18 hour days and having a near-death auto collision taught Allison that she needed to make changes and bring in help
  • Why lawyers often have trouble letting go of responsibility and delegating to other members of the law firm team, and why doing so is the key to freeing time for yourself
  • How the global pandemic has impacted various practice areas differently, with personal injury and criminal law being the hardest-hit areas
  • How family law is booming under the global pandemic due to the surging increase in domestic problems and issues
  • Why lowering your rates is never the correct solution, and why learning how to effectively sell your services is crucial for growth
  • Why marketing shouldn’t be one-and-done but instead everything you do should be repurposed and repackaged into other content
  • Which books have made the most impact on Allison, her career, and the way she conducts her business
  • Why the best way to move the needle in your business is to start where there is the most friction
  • How to get access to Allison’s free “Crushing Chaos Quiz” to help you identify where you can make improvements in your firm


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