Episode 59:

Ammon Collins started his entrepreneurial journey after his car broke down one day and he called several auto shops during business hours looking for a quote. His call was missed by the first 3 auto shops, so when the fourth one answered they were the ones that got his business. After this experience he decided that missed calls were a problem for small/medium businesses and started coming up with a solution. 

Ammon is a graduate from Brigham Young University’s business school. He grew up in Washington raising cows and is an Eagle Scout. He loves the outdoors and dirt biking. He is a High School wrestling coach in his spare time.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • That you are likely missing many more phone calls than you think….even if you have a 24/7 call center
  • That 80% of callers who receive text message responses actually respond to those texts…but the same callers are MUCH less likely to leave a voicemail message
  • About a new software that will allow you to automatically send a text message to callers who don’t receive an answered call 
  • The customization options available with the new software; including having different messages for calls missed after-hours, calls missed during business hours, etc.
  • How one law firm using this software discovered that, even though they thought they were only missing 2-3 calls per week, the Inca software revealed that they were actually missing 10-15 calls per day
  • Additional uses for the Inca software, including sending and receiving texts to/from clients on your desktop or laptop computer


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