Episode 15:

Andrew Stickel combines considerable experience with proven skills in a number of marketing fields. These skills and experience give him trustworthy marketing insights and a unique perspective that clients find invaluable. Since his first year in college, Andrew Stickel has been a savvy, innovative entrepreneur. A native of Baltimore, Stickel started his first marketing venture at age 19, a small concert promotions company in Fort Myers, Florida. It was merely the first of his many successful marketing ventures.

In 2008, Stickel co-founded a full-service marketing firm. As its Director of Operations, he managed numerous marketing accounts and created, developed, and implemented full-service, multi-media marketing campaigns for clients while simultaneously coordinating a number of departments, working for and alongside many varying industries. During these years, Stickel gained considerable experience in search engine optimization, web design, and content marketing. Well-versed in all phases of internet marketing, Andrew now brings his broad experience and his variety of skills together to provide clients with the most complete, effective, and cutting-edge social media marketing services available.

In 2012, Stickel sold his share of the marketing company that he co-founded in 2008. With a new vision for comprehensive social media marketing, he moved on to launch Social Firestarter, a new-age marketing firm that is giving companies of all sizes a huge marketing advantage. Social Firestarter helps clients define their brand, personality, and image, and it helps them to market successfully (and often repeatedly) to today’s discerning consumer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Andrew first got started in legal marketing, after starting his own social media marketing firm
  • Why SEO (search engine optimization) is evolving over time, and why it is a challenging marketing area to master
  • Why getting your firm ranked in the Google Maps rankings is a significant competitive advantage, and why setting your Maps entry up correctly is vital
  • Why the biggest problem with pay-per-click advertising is its high cost, and why it is vital to convert clicks to new clients efficiently
  • Why it can be difficult to balance website aesthetics, SEO, and CRO (conversion rate optimization) correctly
  • What steps you can take to increase your “local relevance” and “niche relevance” to get listed in the powerful Google “Local 3 Pack” search results
  • How Andrew and his team created a review template for legal firms to pass on to their satisfied clients to maximize the appearance of keywords in their reviews
  • Why quantity of posted online reviews are crucial for promoting your firm and optimizing your conversion rate
  • How Facebook ads differ from Google Ads, and why Facebook is a more cost-effective strategy that works best when you have a long view
  • Why content creation and adding value for your clients is highly cost-effective, and why videos are versatile and great for repurposing

Additional Resources:

  • Website: www.freebookforlawyers.com
  • Website: www.lawyermasterclass.com
  • Website: www.socialfirestarter.com